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Neoliberalism is an economic and political ideology that advocates for minimal state intervention in the market and is essential for understanding current global dynamics.

Our digital library provides a deep insight into its origins, principles, criticisms, and effects on society, economy, and global politics, offering a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The free download of these books gives you direct access to analysis and debates on neoliberalism, eliminating economic barriers for your research and learning.

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Books and Texts on Neoliberalism in PDF

The empirical failures of neoliberalism

Mike Konczal, Katy Milani, and Ariel Evans

The Empirical Failures of Neoliberalism by Mike Konczal, Katy Milani, and Ariel Evans is an issue brief that challenges the theoretical claims of neoliberalism and highlights how it has failed to achieve increased growth, equality, and mobility.

What is Neoliberalism?

Dag Einar Thorsen and Amund Lie

What is Neoliberalism? by Dag Einar Thorsen and Amund Lie is an article that explores the concept of neoliberalism, its historical development, and its definitions. It discusses the ambiguity surrounding the term and proposes a more precise definition. The authors examine the relationship between neoliberalism and liberalism and question the level of influence neoliberalism has in contemporary society.

Globalization and Neoliberalism

David M. Kotz

Globalization and Neoliberalism by David M. Kotz provides an analysis of neoliberalism as an economic theory and policy stance. It discusses the dominance of neoliberalism in the US and the UK, its limited influence in Western Europe and Japan, and its imposition on Third World and transition countries.

Neoliberalism as Concept

Rajesh Venugopal

Neoliberalism as Concept by Rajesh Venugopal is a critical exploration of the term neoliberalism. It evaluates the consequences and expanded usage of neoliberalism since the 1980s, highlighting its problematic and incoherent nature, as well as the one-sided usage by non-economists.

Financialization and Neoliberalism

David M. Kotz

Financialization and Neoliberalism by David M. Kotz is an essay that explores the relationship between neoliberalism and the increasing role of finance in the economy. It argues that financialization, the expanding role of finance in economic activity, is a result of neoliberal restructuring.

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