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We have free psychology books in a collection that you can’t avoid checking out. The study of this social science is, nowadays, of public and notorious interest. Although not everyone becomes a psychologist, it is true that for many this discipline has become an important topic

With our books about psychology in PDF format you will be able to learn from the most basic concepts, to the most challenging ones. These works can be read by psychology students, psychologists, professionals from other sciences or anyone genuinely interested in this social discipline.

Psychology is a relatively new science, or at least newer than others. However, its origin is the same as that of almost all the others, the philosophy of the classics like Socrates, Aristotle and Plato. All of them investigated the functioning of the mind, although they called it in another way.

Plato already spoke of the “soul” as an entity that constituted the true essence of a human being. He separated it from the body, but it was the soul that gave life to the body. This is how the concept of mind is born from this conception.

The Middle Ages was a dark historical period for psychology, since with the entry of Christianity everything was attributed to the condition of sin or to diabolic origin. This thought spread like wildfire, creating great delays in the scientific advance of psychology.

In consequence, the real advance of psychology occurred from the 18th century onwards with important studies about the mind that led to a return to the classics. The studies of Wolff, Descartes, Locke, Willis, Gall and Mesmer contributed much in the field of mental health.

But, it is not until the 19th century that scientific psychology is introduced. Progress is made with the first experimental psychology laboratory in Germany, and marked findings are made about the mind in relation to the medical sciences.

In the 20th century advances in cerebral matter arise, Freud’s psychoanalysis, the behavioral and cognitive current, is produced. Also, the field of action in the educational, business and clinical sectors is extended.

Nowadays, psychology can be defined with a social science in charge of studying the mind and human behavior. Several branches have been developed and they fall into two categories: basic and applied psychology. From the first one, evolutionary cognitive, psychopathological and art psychology, among others, can be derived. From the second, educational, clinical, child, social, and sports psychology, among others, are derived

Psychology has visibly expanded to other currents of thought, forming part of an integral set of disciplines whose objective is to understand human behavior and thus be able to provide tangible solutions that affect the well-being of people.

In that sense, this science has advanced along with the social need to live mentally healthy, so it becomes indispensable as a field of study. Do not miss our collection of psychology books in PDF format, as it has very valuable content for your research and learning purposes.

1) Anxiety Books


Anxiety is an emotion that everyone has experienced at some point and that helps the body prepare to do something important. It appears when you have to act in a situation that demands an intense or sustained effort and serves to activate and deal with a threat or danger that is occurring in the present or that may occur in the future.

While anxiety can help you cope, in addition to giving you an energy boost or helping you focus, for people with anxiety disorders fear is not temporary and can be overwhelming. Symptoms can interfere with daily activities, such as performance at work, school, and relationships between people.

The most common signs and symptoms of anxiety include the following: Feeling of nervousness, agitation or tension, Feeling of impending danger, panic or catastrophe, Increased heart rate, Rapid breathing (hyperventilation), Sweating, Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything other than the current concern, among others.

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2) Body Language Books


Body language is the ability to transmit information through our body. It fully reveals our sensations and the perception we have about our interlocutor.

Facial expression, gestures and body posture are the most immediate expression of our feelings. The reason for this is that most of these signals are emitted unconsciously. Above all, in emotional moments of joy, fear, anger or sadness it is almost impossible to control it.

Body language and non-verbal communication tell who we are, how we feel or what our tastes are. In interaction, non-verbal behavior also informs our degree of understanding and level of agreement, and can even deny what we are saying at the time.

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3) Criminal Psychology Books


Criminal Psychology, like forensic sciences, has taken a significant rise in recent years. That is why the academic demand has also been increasing, especially in countries like Spain, Mexico and Argentina. It is a sub-discipline that over time has provided us with very valuable information about the psychological motives that lead a person to commit an illicit act.

Nowadays, psychology has become a fundamental discipline in the administration of justice. Its direct or indirect intervention in criminal proceedings is indispensable in the attention and treatment of crime or interpersonal and gender violence, as well as other personal rights conflicts.

Inside the multiple tasks that a criminal psychologist can carry out we can mention the following: the accomplishment of studies of the criminal personality whose purpose is to clarify the endogenous and exogenous psychological factors that led to the criminal behavior, to help the criminologist to establish the dangerousness of a subject, the offender profiling in the investigation agencies, to offer psychotherapeutic treatment to inmates, etc.

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4) Educational Psychology Books

Educational Psychology

Educational psychology is the discipline that studies the processes of teaching and learning in order to understand and improve them. It is in charge of analyzing and deepening the learning process in order to design and establish the ideal methods for students to develop their cognitive skills. As a result of the psychological study of the daily problems of education, principles, theories and procedures are set forth for the investigation and application of techniques that help to improve these processes.

It should be noted that educational psychology provides solutions for the development of curricula, educational management, educational models and cognitive sciences in general.

In order to understand the main characteristics of learning in childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, educational psychologists elaborate and apply different theories about human development, which are usually considered as stages of maturity.

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Psychology is the science that studies in a theoretical and practical way the social, cultural and biological aspects that influence human behavior, both on an individual and social level, and the functioning and development of the human mind. It is becoming more and more common to see a psychologist for problems as frequent as depression, relationships, addictions, eating disorders, problems at work, and many other issues.

General psychology is a sub-discipline of psychology. It owes its name to the fact that it is dedicated to the study of mental functions common to all human beings. An important area of general psychology is cognitive psychology.

If you want to learn more about General Psychology here are our selections of free books and materials so that money is not an excuse.

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6) Humanistic Psychology Books


The main characteristic of humanistic psychology is to consider the human being as a whole, knowing that there are multiple factors that intervene in mental health, in his personal growth and in his self-realization. Among them converge and interrelate aspects such as emotions, body, feelings, behavior, thoughts, etc.

The humanistic current is based on a series of principles that are not shared by other approaches or psychological theories. To understand humanist psychology, one must know the context in which it is framed, which is none other than the human being as an individual.

We are not mistaken if we say that this approach, this theoretical and practical perspective is one of the most remarkable psychological currents today. It is a legacy that is worth knowing and that can undoubtedly provide us with valuable tools.

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+20 Books about Humanistic Psychology in PDF format

7) NPL Books


Neurolinguistic Programming is a discipline that tries to explain how our brain works and define its mental patterns, making it easier for us to understand ourselves and allowing us to change them using certain techniques in order to optimize our communication skills.

NLP uses behavioral and communication techniques and strategies to make it easier for people to change their thoughts and actions in favor of others that give better results and success. It helps to “reprogram” our brain to overcome our blockages and anxieties.

This instrument allows us not only to become the one we could be if we made the most of our abilities, but also the one we wish to be by reinterpreting the information that comes to us from outside, that is, giving a different meaning to certain events that have been powerfully marking us. throughout our existence.

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8) Organizational Psychology Books


Organizational psychology, together with clinical psychology and education, are the main pillars that propagate the study of the nature of temperament, character, personality and idiosyncrasy of human beings in the different spheres that make up organizations.

This branch of psychology is focused on the study of human behavior in the workplace, and is responsible for looking after the interests of both employees and institutions or organizations, as well as enhancing the performance and productivity of employees through innovative strategies, motivations and incentives, with the aim of promoting personal development and professional growth of each employee.

The objective of the psychologists specialized in this branch is to know how an individual affects the rest and the organization in general, and how this affects the behavior of each one of the individuals.

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Social psychology could be defined as the study of the interaction of human beings, especially in groups and social situations, and highlights the influence of social situations on human behavior. More specifically, social psychology focuses on the scientific study of how people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the real, imagined, or implied presence of other people. Gordon Allport.

Social Psychology is also defined as the science that studies social phenomena and tries to discover the laws that govern coexistence. It investigates social organizations and tries to establish the patterns of behavior of individuals in groups, the roles they play and all the situations that influence their behavior.

If you want to learn more about this exciting branch of Psychology here are our selections of free books and materials.

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10) Sport Psychology Books


Sports psychology is a branch of psychology that is gaining more and more relevance due to its great contribution to the achievement of athletes‘ goals. Having a psychologist to help from your field can mean in many cases the difference between reaching a goal or staying on the road.

Sports psychology studies how, why and under what conditions athletes, coaches and spectators behave the way they do as well as investigating the mutual influence between physical activity and participation in sport and psychophysical well-being, health and personal development.

There is no country in the world where some kind of sport is not practiced. Thousands of articles have been written about the benefits of practicing sport, whether amateur or professional, and how this regular practice is related to both physical and mental health.

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Child psychology is the study of a child’s behavior from birth to adolescence. In this analysis, the specialist will deal with the phenomena and irregularities of the child’s psychic development. This branch of psychology focuses on the evolution of the physical, motor, cognitive, perceptive, affective and social aspects.

Childhood is the most important stage of life, since it is the period in which the child develops his first attachments and social bonds, his personality, his self-esteem, his resources… in short, childhood is the stage where the child forms an idea about himself, the world and the future, an idea that will remain stable during the adult stage and will be the basis of his psychological well-being.

One aspect of psychic development is the emergence, variation and improvement of psychic processes and qualities of children: perception, attention, imagination, memory, thought, language, feelings and primary forms of behavior direction. The psychic development is studied in the early and pre-school age, which is the age when the child’s personality begins to be promoted.

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Clinical psychology is a sub-discipline within psychology that studies all the elements involved in mental disorders and, more generally, mental health. Thus, clinical psychology carries out all the tasks of evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and therapeutic intervention in people with some kind of mental disorder or disadaptive behavior, with the purpose of restoring psychological balance and eliminating all suffering.

The clinical psychologist is a figure in full evolution. Psychology has been changing, growing and dividing into specialties. For this reason, it is sometimes complex to differentiate the (increasingly) branches of psychology. Clinical psychology is one of the specialties of psychology and is characterized by its focus on the mental health and psychological well-being of people.

Clinical psychology can be practiced in different contexts, however, the main areas remain clinical centers, mental health services and general hospitals. Moreover, clinical psychology is a profession that is continuously evolving, expanding its functions and areas of work.

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