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History is far from being that boring subject we saw in school. On the contrary, it is about the most important events on the planet. If you understand this, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were eager to learn about it and, of course, to explore our collection of human history books.

History represents the construction of the identity of peoples, countries, continents and the whole world. It is about looking at the past in order to better understand ourselves and learn from the events that impacted the collective. There is a famous phrase that says “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, attributed to George Santayana. How can we learn from a mistake if we do not remember it? Memory is an essential factor for evolution.

History is precisely that, an attempt to preserve the memory of humanity. As you can see, it is no small thing. If you are a lover of this subject, our books on history in PDF format will fit you like a glove. Our selection consists of the following subtopics: World History, World War I, World War II, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Mexican Revolution, Cold War, Industrial Revolution, Spanish Civil War, Roman history, Egyptian history, Greek history, U.S. history and much more.

Do you want to study the different civilizations of the planet? It is a very useful exercise, as it will allow you to understand much of your own behavior, as well as to broaden your cultural background. There is nothing better than being a person who masters different topics of life and history helps, like no other, to enlarge the spirit.

As you may know, if you wish to study history you will need quality support material to review. The records must be reliable and chronologically ordered. Instead of searching for scattered information, it is best to turn to one source that will provide you with everything. This is precisely what we do.

Through history, you can also learn a lot about yourself. You are living in a certain era, but much of what you are is inherited from other eras that, perhaps without you being aware of it, define you. It is important to look back and take the journey that defines part of your own history. This is what we invite you to do with the books on history that we offer you.

In terms of practical use, they will also be useful for study and research, if you have a university assignment. You will have a better chance of standing out from the rest of the students, since you will be handling unique information, beyond pre-assigned manuals. Plus, we promise you will want to continue exploring this topic after reading our books.

Dare to look at the reflection of history to learn important things about life. It will show you everything relevant to a deep understanding of humanity. It is not only about facts, places and moments, it is about a whole legacy that is available for you to know, without the need to have lived it yourself. Therein lies its magic and that of our history books in PDF format that will give you all that experience.

1) Egyptian History Books


More than 3,000 years ago, the territory we now know as Egypt was home to one of the greatest civilizations in the history of humanity. The first inhabitants of Egypt settled on the banks of the Nile fleeing from the desert. These first natives, isolated and without close enemies, were ruled by «divine» beings who were followed by semi-heroic dynasties: «the descendants of Horus».

In the north, just in the area where the Nile delta is located, the kingdom of Lower Egypt was constituted, which was dedicated to agriculture and trade. Its distinctive feature was a red crown adorned with a cobra and its patron goddess was Wadjet (or Buto).

Further south settled the kingdom of Upper Egypt, which was devoted almost exclusively to livestock and was characterized by being more warlike than its neighbors. In this case, its distinctive feature was a white crown, tall and with the figure of a vulture and its main city was Nekhen.

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2) Roman History Books



The legend of the mythical foundation of Rome says that the city was founded by the brothers Romulus and Remus, sons of the god Mars and the princess Rhea Silvia, queen of Alba Longa. They were abandoned in the Tiber River to save them from their uncle Amulius, who aspired to the throne of the city. They were rescued by a she-wolf, the Capitoline Wolf, who nursed them, and later they were raised by shepherds.

The diverse theories are based on the information of ancient authors and on the different types of archaeological finds found in Rome. For these reasons, this initial stage of Rome’s history has been placed more in the realm of legend than history.

Possibly, the first inhabitants of Rome came from different places and had neither the economic nor the cultural development of their neighbors to the north, the Etruscans, nor to the south, the Sabines and the Latins.

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3) World History Books



World history is the compilation of facts and situations that have developed around the context of the human being, from the appearance of humans to the present day.

The origin of the term world history derives from the Greek ἱστορία, which means “inquiry”, and from the Old English weorold, which means roughly «age of man».

The main objective of World History is to present, in a chronological and organized manner, what have been the most important events in the history of humankind and its development, dividing into periods the most outstanding and significant moments of humanity, which according to researchers mark a before and after in history.

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4) World War I Books



World War I marked the first major international conflict of the 20th century. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian crown, and his wife, Archduchess Sophie, in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914, kicked off hostilities, which began in August 1914 and continued on several fronts over the next four years.

The fighting took place mostly in Europe, but countries on five continents participated, including the United States, Australia, Brazil and China.

There are no official records, but it is estimated that around 9 million soldiers and more than 7 million civilians were killed. The number of casualties was much higher than in previous wars, partly because of technological advances in warfare.

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5) World War II Books



World War II was the deadliest conflict in history. Millions of people, both soldiers and civilians, died in the various battles that took place during the six years it lasted.

Despite the controversies, historians agree in pointing out several factors of particular importance: the permanence of unresolved conflicts from the World War I, the serious economic difficulties in the immediate post-war period and after the crash of 1929 and the crisis and weakening of the liberal system; all this contributed to the development of new totalitarian currents and the establishment of fascist regimes in Italy and Germany, whose aggressive expansionist policy would be the trigger for the war.

In the development of World War II three phases are usually distinguished: the «blitzkrieg» (from 1939 to May 1941), the «total war» (1941-1943) and the defeat of the Axis (from July 1943 to 1945).

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6) Books about Nazism



Nazism or also called National Socialism was a political ideology that emerged in Germany during the 20th century and whose main leader was Adolf Hitler, who ruled the country from 1933 to 1945. This fascist movement was created after World War I, at a time when this ideology was gaining strength in some European countries.

The German defeat in World War I left the country with large economic debts and deteriorated morale. The solid and nationalistic proposal created a possible way out of the crisis, which for Germany was the main motivation.

Officially, on January 28, 1933, Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist Party, was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Thus began the implementation of one of the ideologies that has caused the greatest loss of life in the history of the 20th century.

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So, here ends our selection of free books about History. We hope you liked it and that you already have your next book!

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