20+ Project Management Books for Free! [PDF]

Having free books available for consultation at the time you require is one of our main objectives. Today we want to share with you a select list of books in PDF format, so you can know everything about Project Management.

Project Management is a method that allows you to organize and plan the work to achieve the fundamental objectives of any organization. These objectives are productivity, efficiency, cost and time reduction, resource compensation, synergies, order, control, and constant evaluation of results, among many others.

Executing the work by implementing a correct Project Management, implies a considerable advantage if you want to improve the productivity of a company, as well as to obtain optimal working paths for the resources you have.

«Global trends such as competitiveness in organizations, technological changes and re-engineering increase the importance of Project Management processes. Project management is the discipline of successfully managing all necessary resources, which can and should be applied during the life cycle of any project» (Dixon, 2000).

A subject as complex and vast as this must be known in depth in order to take advantage of all the benefits it brings. That is why our conglomerate of books on Project Management, covers each and every one of the essential points of the subject.

We share with you a list of more than 20 Project Management books in PDF format, for your delight. We have included in our list books in Spanish and Portuguese in case you are interested in reading in another language.

We remind you that all these books belong to the public domain or have been assigned for free publication. The use of the materials presented here is permitted for educational purposes only.

Here we present our complete selection of Project Management Books:

1) Beginning Project Management

Russell W. Darnall, John M. Preston

2) Project Management

The Open University of Hong Kong

3) Project Management Methodology Guide

European Commission, Centre of Excellence in Project Management

4) Project Management Methodology Guide 3.0

European Commission, Centre of Excellence in Project Management

5) Guide to Project Management Strategies for Complex Projects

Jennifer Shane, Kelly Strong, Douglas Gransberg, David Jeong

6) Project Management Framework

U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation Technical Service Center

7) Project Management Handbook

Wouter Baars

8) The practical guide to project management

Crhistine Petersen

9) Introduction to Project Management


10) 21 Ways to excel at project management

Duncan Haughey

11) Project Management

William Wallace

12) The Project Management. Starter Guide for Non-Project Managers


13) Project Management Techniques for Non-Project Managers (Presentation)

Boston College

14) Introduction to Project Management (Presentation)

Joe Houghton

15) The Principles of Project Management

Guidelines for Managing Projects - How to organise plan and control projects

16) Executive guide to project management

Project Management Institute

17) Project management handbook

Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development

18) Introduction to Project Management (Presentation)

Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc

19) Quick Guide to Project Management

Manjeet Singh

20) Simple Project Management for Small Business


21) Project Management (Presentation)

Massimo Felici

Here ends our selection of free Project Management books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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