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Benchmarking, also known as “comparative evaluation”, is a technique used to compare processes, products, or services against those of another company, generally considered the best in the industry. In our section of books about benchmarking in PDF format, you will find all the information about this tool. 

Why is benchmarking important? First, it allows you to measure a company’s success against its competitors to determine if there are performance issues that can be improved. 

Books on benchmarking discuss strategies such as technical and competitive benchmarking, as well as the procedure for conducting such assessments. 

Clearly, if many companies make use of benchmarking, products, and services gain considerable improvements that translate into an overall improvement of the industry as a whole. Performance monitoring, continuous optimization and planning, and employee commitment to the organization are also advantages of this economic tool.

As a useful mechanism for industry improvement, benchmarking also represents a continuous renewal in business management. For more content related to this topic, visit our collection of over 10 books on benchmarking in PDF format.

Here is our complete selection of books about Benchmarking:

Monitoring Peace Consolidation United Nations Practitioners´ Guide to Benchmarking

United Nations

Best Practice in Benchmarking


Sustainability Benchmarking. Good Practice Guide

ISEAL Alliance

A Theory of Benchmarking

J. P. Moriarty

A guide to benchmarking

Philip H Meade

Benchmarking Small Business Performance: Barriers and Benefits

Sue Bergin

Benchmarking: A Literature Review

Dr Rowena Scott

Guidelines for Benchmarking

International Towing Tank Conference

Benchmarking: The way of success in pharma industry

Richa Patel, Dhara Patel and Dhananjay Meshram

Comparison of best practice benchmarking models (Article)

Barbora Jetmarová

Benchmarking: A Process Basis for Teaching Design (Article)

J.L. Fridley and J.E. Jorgensen

It benchmarking explained: how to assess your it efforts (Article)

BMC Software

What are the IndustryBestPractices for Benchmarking (Article)


Everything You Need To Know About Benchmarking (Article)

Dr Robin Mann

Benchmarking: understanding the basics (Article)

William M. Lankford

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