15+ Innovation Books for Free! [PDF]

Today more than ever, innovation is a value that global society demands. It seems an essential requirement to continue with the necessary advances that give us a better quality of life. It is for this reason that we are pleased to present this collection of innovation books in PDF format.

With our selection of innovation books, you’ll realize that innovating doesn’t necessarily mean inventing or creating something from scratch (although it does), but that many people are great at improving things that already exist. 

Innovation is the creation or improvement of existing ideas, products, services, methods, protocols or concepts. This with the purpose of improving life or supplying the needs of consumers, communities or the global society, it all depends on the field where innovation is going to take place.

It is the innovation that occurs in processes such as planning, execution of tasks or internal and external relations that occur from a company. It is possible that new mechanisms or the improvement of the same are carried out so that the organization is optimal.

Don’t miss this selection of more than 15 books on innovation in PDF format that will take you to the forefront of everything that is being developed in companies around the world.

Here is our complete selection of Innovation Books:

1) The Design-driven Material Innovation Methodology

Ferrara, Marinellaa & Lecce, Chiarab

2) Innovation and Design

Grazia Concilio, Amalia De Götzen, Francesco Molinari and others

3) Design Innovation: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on Product Innovation by Design

Bilge Mutlu and Alpay Er

4) Innovation Studies The Invention of a Specialty

Benoit Godin

5) An introductory overview of innovation studies

Rossi, Federica

6) Twenty Challenges For Innovation Studies

Ben R. Martin

7) International Journal of Innovation Studies (Article)

Innovation tsinghua

8) The evolution of service innovation research: A critical review and synthesis

Per Carlborg, Daniel Kindström and Christian Kowalkowski

9) An Analytical Framework for Innovation Determinants and Their Impact on Business Performance

Mahrukh Aslam, Imran Shafi, Jamil Ahmad and others

10) More Research and Innovation

European commission

11) Innovation management - training handbook

Dr. Zoltán Peredy

12) Innovation training and product innovation performance

Eulogio Cordón-Pozo, M. Dolores Vidal-Salazar and José M. de la Torre-Ruiz

13) Innovation strategy for education and training (Article)


14) Innovation, Productivity, and Training

Benoit Dostie

15) Digital Learning Innovation Trends

Tanya Joosten, Kate Lee-McCarthy, Lindsey Harness and Ryan Paulus

16) Learning from Innovationsin Higher Education

Andrea Kottmann, Don Westerheijden, Barend van der Meulen

Here ends our selection of free Innovation Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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