30+ Investment Books for Free! [PDF]

If there’s one topic we’re interested in researching, it’s how to use our money. For this, we have an incredible collection of books on investment in PDF format that will fit you like a glove if you are eager to learn about the subject.

For us, making a selection of books on investment has been a great satisfaction, because we know how essential it is in these times to know how to manage our money and grow our wealth to have a future of peace of mind.

Knowing about this aspect of finances gives us precisely that, the peace of mind that we will never lack financial liquidity to cover our needs and those of our loved ones.

Investing is the action of placing our money in activities that generate an economic profitability in the medium or long term. Simply put, it is about putting our money to work so that it multiplies and thus increases our personal, family or business assets, as the case may be.

Learning about investment is of vital importance nowadays in order to be prepared for any eventuality that threatens our economic stability. But although its definition is very simple, it does not mean that we do not need to study about this subject.

Investing money and making a profit from it is a whole science and an art that is mastered with study, practice and the experience that the years give after a series of mistakes and triumphs. As it is known, an investment always involves a certain risk that will be higher or lower according to the profit we get from it.

If you want to know more about this interesting topic of finance, we invite you to take a look at our more than 30 investment books in PDF format. There you will find subtopics such as savings and investment, investment for beginners, foreign investment, real estate investment, among others.

Books for Investors

In financial terms, it is important to adopt a futuristic thinking inclined to establish individual goals that guarantee a good future, whether for the family, children’s education, retirement, among others; therefore, it is advisable to commit one’s own capital in the financial market to generate income.

This individual is known as an investor, an individual or legal entity that reserves its resources to be used for the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and other instruments, in order to obtain the highest profitability with the lowest possible risk.

This process can be carried out personally or entrusted to a broker. There are several types of brokers according to their professional qualifications, experience and value of the investment.

First-Time Investor: Grow and Protect your Money

Paul A. Merriman and Richard Buck

Guide for Young Investors

Capital Market Authority

Investor Type and New-Venture Governance: Cognition vs. Interest Alignment

Christophe Bonnet, Peter Wirtz

Creating Value. Value to investors

Integrated Reporting

Behavioral Patterns and Pitfalls of U.S. Investors

Seth L. Elan, Malinda K. Goodrich

Institutional Investorsand Ownership Engagement

Serdar Çelik and Mats Isaksson

Basic Investment Terms (Article)

Robert C. Eddy, Margaret F. Eddy & Matthew B. Showley

Definition of investment and investor (Article)


Investment Dictionary


Stock Market Investment Books

The purchase and sale of shares and other financial instruments within the stock market sector requires a set of knowledge that the individual will need to execute the correct action regarding the placement of money in this market.

First of all, it is important to bear in mind that the amount to be traded is not necessary in the short term, and to ensure the normal and necessary expenses, as well as the provision for emergencies. Likewise, it is necessary to educate oneself with respect to the world one enters in order to be able to operate with ease.

Finally, the investor must establish the amount to be invested, the time that will be maintained in activity and the percentage of loss that is willing to assume. To obtain clear information about this economic field, it is recommended to consult the stock market investment books.

Financial Investments and Stock Markets

Capital Market Authority

Annual Impact Investor Survey 2020

The Giin

The Basics for Investing in Stocks

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Basics Of Stock Market (Power Point Presentation)

Ronak Nangalia and Sohrab Kothar

The Stock Market and Investment: Is the market a Sideshow?

Randall Morck, Andrei Shleifer, Robert W. Vishny

Investment Books for Beginners

Allocating one’s own resources to enter the stock market is a decision that, before being taken, must be analyzed in detail, in order to know the advantages and risks involved once one has entered this financial sector.

The most advisable thing to do is to study the field, examine the opportunities and start little by little, so that the new investor acquires solid knowledge, experience and training until obtaining the necessary skills and becoming an expert.

Therefore, it is best to start with small amounts and without haste, as outlined in the investment books for beginners, which offer guidance to those new to the field, so that they can make sound and reliable investment decisions.

A Guide to Investing


Beginner’s Guide - How to Become a Successful Investor


First Steps to Investing

Prithvi Haldea

A beginner’s guide to investing

Friends Provident International

Real Estate Investment Books

In the business world, it is advisable to take a prudent time before making a financial operation, such as investing in real estate to achieve an economic return in the future, either by establishing a business, leasing it, or remodeling it and selling it later.

However, acquiring a property for this purpose is a very careful decision, since it is not only necessary to think about a structure with a striking design, but also about its location, urban planning, lifestyle, business model, profitability and many other aspects.

To this end, real estate investment books provide guidance on the most suitable type of property according to the investor’s needs, considering its purpose (residential or commercial), financing options, the average value of the property, the indicated capital, among others.

Guide To Real Estate Investing

Rich Dad Education

Your Guide to Real Estate Investing

Shelly Roberson and David S. Roberson

The Future of real Estate Investing


Real Estate as an Investment (Chapter 14)

Urbi Garay

A Brief Legal Guide to Investing in Real Estate in the UK

Mayer Brown

How to be a Real Estate Investor

Phil Pustejovsky

Foreign Investment Books

To contribute to the economic balance of nations, governments grant tax incentives to investors to motivate them to do business outside their territories, with the aim of encouraging the creation of international companies, as well as ensuring more employment opportunities.

How is this achieved? By placing long-term capital in the host country with a view to generating a future profit, be it through service, logistics, manufacturing, sales, business mergers, among others.

Foreign investment books open up a world of possibilities for entrepreneurs who are always betting for more, those who wish to broaden their financial horizons. These texts offer advice and important elements to take into account before making these negotiations, such as: profitability, accepted risk and time horizon.

Foreing Invesment

Planning Commission

Foreign Direct Investment for Development

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

The Possibilities of Investing in Chinese Stock Market with Asmall Budget

Ekaterina Panchenko

Definitions of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): a methodological note

Maitena Duce

Is Foreign Investment Good for Development? (Article)

Michiel van Dijk & Myriam Vander Stichele

Savings and Investment Books

It is common to hear that people suffer from monetary shortages, but the main cause is not related to insufficient wages, but to inadequate management of resources, so they are constantly under stress because they have no financial return.

A simple way to understand this is to consult savings and investment books, which explain in detail how to save money and use it to make a profit. They also provide strategies that will help improve anyone’s quality of life.

Thus, the reader will know that the difference between consumer spending and income is known as savings (already mentioned above), and this can be manipulated to generate a profitability with which many things can be acquired in the future, such as a house.

Saving and Investing

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Saving and Investing for Students

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Saving and Investing

Practical Money Skills

Saving and Investing Money

Money & Youth

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