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The subject of business is booming now more than ever. The operation of companies is of great general interest, so their improvement cannot be left behind as a research topic.

That is why we have created this compendium of books on Six Sigma in PDF format. The application of this technology has been successful in the business environment and we have understood that it has to be on the list of our featured topics.

With the Six Sigma books you will learn about the best method known to date to optimize the processes of organizations. Since its creation, by engineer Bill Smith, it has constantly evolved, generating other methodologies that seek the same result.

Six sigma seeks to minimize errors in product development, with a target of 3.4 defects per million opportunities. It seems an ambitious method, but the truth is that prestigious companies have been able to implement it, such as Motorola and General Electric, the latter of which made it famous.

Six Sigma consists of five stages, which represent a management model also known as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control).

In short, Six Sigma is a methodology that seeks to bring companies to high production levels that are very close to perfection. It also has a distinctive element in that it predicts problems before they occur. In addition, it uses statistics to analyze processes and thus achieve the minimum number of failures.

Learn about this method, which is applied today in thousands of companies around the world and has led them to experience success. Browse our collection of more than 15 books on Six Sigma in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Six Sigma Books:

Six Sigma: A Complete Step by Step Guide

The Council for Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma: Some Basic Concepts

Helen Bevan, Neil Westwood, Richard Crowe

Six Sigma Tools for Early Adopters

Rick Hefner, Jeannine Siviy

Lean Six Sigma White Belt

University of California San Diego

Lean Six Sigma Approach

Ait Business Solutions

Lean Six Sigma Overview (Presentation)

Bill Smith

Using Six Sigma for Process Improvement

Valparaiso University

PMPA – Lean Six Sigma Tools and Methods (Presentation)

Dan Wilson and Perry Wiltsie

Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Improvement Story (Presentation)

To Serve and Wreck

The 4-Hour Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Jay Arthur

Glossary Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belt

100 Effective

Six Sigma, Stock Returns and Operating Performance

Bora Ozkan, J. Ronnie Davis, and Kabir M. Hassan

Introduction to Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma & Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Amar Sahay

Lean and Six Sigma approach for Manufacturing SMEs

Raghunath A & Dr. Jayathirtha R V

Understanding the benefits and limitations of six Sigma Methodology (Article)

Nilesh V Fursule, Dr Satish V bansod & Swati. Fursule

Six Sigma MetricAnalysis for Analytical Testing Processes (Article)

Sten Westgard, M.S

What is Six Sigma? (Article)

Donald P. Lynch, Ph.D.

Six Sigma Concept and Dmaic Implementation (Article)

Radha Krishnan Beemaraj, Arun Prasath

Six Sigma Process Improvement in a Nutshell (Article)

Stuart Smith, Six Sigma Group

Glossary of Lean Six Sigma General Terms (Article)

Chi Solutions, INC.

Well, this was our collection of Six Sigma books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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