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Changes in the economy, politics and other factors in societies are inevitable. To deal with uncertainty, companies have the option of consulting external experts to guide them in solving specific problems. With our collection of consulting books in PDF format you will learn how this process works.

External interventions to help organizations improve are nowadays very frequent. Especially during the last century, we have experienced countless changes and phenomena of various kinds that have had an enormous impact on all areas of life.

We can define consulting as an external and independent advisory service from which companies have the option to benefit in order to solve problems or promote improvements in their processes. The interventions made by consultants are structured and planned according to the needs of the organization.

Each intervention has a purpose, usually in two ways. One that seeks to exert a structural or political change and one that optimizes certain processes. In this sense, the planning of the intervention process is indispensable.

What do you think about this service? If you are interested in learning it in more depth, feel free to check out our more than 10 consulting books in PDF format. Remember that you can download them for free on any of your electronic devices.

Here is our complete selection of Consulting Books:

Management Consulting Business Models - Operations Through And For Digital Transformation

Hugo Miguel Breia de Sousa

Management Consulting Case Study Workbook


Handbook For Users Of Consulting Services - Procedures and Practices

Asian Development Bank

Management consultancy: Issues, perspectives, and agendas

Robin Fincham and Timothy Adrian Robert Clark

Management Consulting (Article)


Consulting Fundamentals - Introduction in Consulting


A Guide to Starting and Running a Consulting Business


Consultants and experts in management consulting firms

F. Creplet, O. Dupouet, F. Kern, B. Mehmanpazir, F. Munier

The Importance Of Consulting In Contemporary Business Management (Article)

Svetlana Vukotic, Jugoslav Anicic and Radovan Vukotic

Strategy Consulting - With A Difference (Presentation)

Ocean Strategy

Introduction to the Consulting Process (Presentation)

Dr. Silvio De Bono

The Consulting Process (Article)

Mahdi Alsagour

Consulting-Style Inventory: A Tool For Consultants And Others In Helping Roles

Timothy M. Nolan

Transition to Consulting - Marketing & Sales Activities & Tools

Evgeniia Markova and Valentina Vigato

Consulting Tools (Presentation)

ITT Guwahati

Here ends our selection of free Consulting Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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