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The process through which a product or merchandise passes to reach its final destination involves a series of operations and elements that must be carried out correctly and with quality. With our selection of supply chain books in PDF format, you will be able to learn about all the stages of this process.

If you are interested in the industrial and business world, supply chain books contain fundamental aspects you need to know. You’ll want to read on and access this collection designed to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and research.

A supply chain is a series of operations, activities, and means of distribution that are put in place to make the complete sales process of a product, reaching an end customer, to whom a need will be supplied. The essence of supply chains is logistical and strategic, and always seeks quality in the process.

Supply chains are made up of different agents so that what for one is a product for sale, for another is an input, and so on until the last link, the target customer, is reached. It can be said that there are suppliers of suppliers and customers of customers in this chain.

Interested in learning more about this topic? Check out these 15+ supply chain books in PDF format right now and download the ones you prefer to any of your electronic devices for free.

Here is our complete selection of Supply Chains Books:

Logistics and supply chain management

Neha Tikoo

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Dr. Bhushan Sudhakar, Dr. Clement Sudhakar

Supply Chain Sustainability


Sustainable Supply Chain Management Handbook


Step-by-Step Guide to Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

e-Supply Chain Management: review, implications and directions for future research

Cristina Giménez,Helena R. Lourenço

Supply Chain Management


Collaboration in Supply Chain Management: A Resilience Perspective

Ruth Banomyong

Global supply chains: trade and economic policies for developing countries

Alessandro Nicita, Victor Ognivtsev, Miho Shirotori

Supply chain and risk management


Supply Chain Evolution – Theory, Concepts and Science

Bart L. MacCarthy, Constantin Blome, Jan Olhager

Supply chain network management


Supply Chain Management: theory and practices

Dr. Ir. J.G.A.J. van der Vorst

Concepts and Trends in Global Supply, Global Value and Global Production Chains

Philip Chang, Akhmad Bayhaqi, Bernadine Zhang Yuhua

How to Build a Digital Supply Chain: Focus On Capabilities

Nada R. Sanders, Morgan Swink

Supply Chain 4.0 – the next-generation digital supply chain

Knut Alicke, Jürgen Rachor, Andreas Seyfert

Resilience of global supply chains. Challenges and solutions

European Parliament

The Four Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management (Article)

Edward Sweeney

Process View of a Supply Chain (Article)

Hassan Basodan

Important of Supply Chain Management (Article)

Khairi Kleab

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