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Business and finance topics have always been of interest to us, as we know they are to our community. Therefore, we continue to explore and expand them to offer greater options for study and research. In this opportunity, we present to you a compendium of budgeting books in PDF format, which we know will be of great use to you.

The word budget is an everyday word for any person, however, many find it difficult to introduce it as a practice in their daily lives. In business it is different, as they are indispensable for the strategic planning and financial success of the company. With this importance in mind, we have put together a careful selection of budget books in PDF format.

Budgeting can be defined as the tool for determining the amount of money to be spent to cover specific company or individual expenses. The budget is part of financial planning and allows to know the income and expenses and to determine the destination of financial resources.

It also allows us to set priorities, to reduce the risks of meeting important financial commitments, to evaluate the overall management of resources and, consequently, to obtain a financial picture that contributes to the success of money management.

In companies, the most common budgets are the cash flow, the production budget, the sales budget, the operating budget and the master budget. However, the classification becomes much broader if we transfer it to other areas such as personal, family or non-profit organizations. 

In this sense, we can see public and private budgets, flexible or fixed, short or long term, main or auxiliary, cost, results, among others. Whatever the budget, the important thing is to manage it well and understand that it is fundamental to good money management.

Take a look right now at more than 10 budgeting books in PDF format, we hope you will find them very useful. You can download them safely and free of charge below.

Here we present our complete selection of Budgeting Books:

Budget Concepts and Budget Process

U S Government Publishing Office

The Budget Preparation Process

World Bank Group

Budgets and Budgetary Control

Vande Mataram Degree College

Performance Budgeting

Marc Robinson

Personal Budgeting (Article)

Reserve Bank of Fiji

Comprehensive Business Budgeting

Micro Business Publications

Understanding Budgets and the Budgeting Process (Article)

R L Smathers

Better Business Budget Planning

Dawkins Brown

Budgeting and Budgetary Control (Article)

Lucknow University

Budgeting Control (Presentation)

Jiwaji University

Basic Organizational Budgeting (Article)

Santa Ana College

The Budgeting Process (Article)

Republic of the Philippines Department of Budget and Management

Budgeting for your Organization (Article)

Augusta University

Budget and financial planning

European Commission

Here ends our selection of free Budgeting books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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