20+ International Trade Books for Free! [PDF]

Getting free books is a valuable gift, and finding free books on a topic you need to know in detail is priceless! This is why we are dedicated to researching, analyzing and selecting free publications on different topics of interest.

This time the topic we want to share is International Trade. We have made a careful selection of books in PDF format about International Trade, so you can access them with total freedom.

On the other hand, we know that International Trade is a complex subject that covers a high content of information, so we have based our selection thinking that you can have access to the most relevant information.

From its history and creation, through its regulations, the acronyms of World Trade, to its evolution using technology as a tool, are some of the topics you can learn in depth by consulting the books on International Trade that we chose for you.

Additionally, you will be able to access information regarding how a country is affected by its participation in Foreign Trade: when is it benefited, when is its foreign debt generated or increased, how is the performance of a nation at an international level known? These and other points of great interest are now at your fingertips.

Each one of the more than 20 books on International Trade that we list in this publication has been assigned to be shared freely, or is in the public domain.

International Trade Books

1) International Business

Hitesh Jhanji

Source: Lovely Professional University

2) Globalization for development: the international trade perspective


Source: UNCTAD

3) Trade Policy Frameworks for Developing Countries: A Manual of Best Practices


Source: UNCTAD

4) International Business and Emerging Markets: A Long-Run Perspective

Geoffrey Jones

Source: University of Harvard

5) International Trade in Services: Implications for the IMF

Alexander Lehmann, Natalia T. Tamirisa and Jaroslaw Wieczorek

Source: International Monetary Fund

6) International Trade Theory and Policy: A Review of the Literature

Sunanda Sen

Source: Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

7) International trade conditions: challenges for less developed countries

Giovanni E. Reyes

Source: Universidad de La Rioja

8) Theory and practice of the International Trade of the United States and England

P. Barry

Source: McMaster University

International Trade Law Books

9) Modernizing International Trade Law to Support Innovation and Sustainable Development



10) The Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law: National Treatment

Gene M. Grossman, Henrik Horn and Petros C. Mavroidis

Source: Institutet för Näringslivsforskning

11) International trade rules and the agriculture sector

Victor Mosoti and Ambra Gobena

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

12) Legal aspects of international trade


Source: UNCTAD

13) Trade Law: An Introduction to Selected International Agreements and U.S. Laws

Emily C. Barbour

Source: The National Agricultural Law Center

14) Main features of world trade law

Alexander Djazayeri

Source: PTB Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt

15) Legal Institutions and International Trade Flows

Daniel Berkowitz, Johannes Moenius and Katharina Pistor

Source: University of Michigan

16) International Trade Law

Standford Law School

Source: Stanford University

17) International Trade Law and emerging trade-related issues: The case of Animal Welfare Concerns

María Alejandra Calle-Cook

Source: Universidad EAFIT

18) Covid-19 and Export Restrictions: the Limits of International Trade Law and Lessons for the AfCFTA

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Source: TRALAC

19) International trade, standards and regulations


Source: UNECE

20) International Trade Law

A. Jayagovind

Source: Central University of South Bihar

21) Foreign Trade Law

Republic of Montenegro

Source: World Trade Organization

Here ends our selection of free International Trade books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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