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Human resources encompass talent management to organizational development, being key to the success of any company. This field explores how to maximize human potential within organizations, vital for effective management and leadership.

Our selection takes you on a journey through various topics, from employee selection and training to organizational psychology and change management.

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Human Resources Books

Human Resource Management

The Open University of Hong Kong

Human Resource Management, is a comprehensive resource that covers various aspects of Human Resource Management, including the role of HRM, skills needed for HRM, HRM challenges, strategic HRM planning, diversity and multiculturalism, recruitment, selection, and more.

Human Resource Management

University of Minnesota

Human Resource Management, is a comprehensive guide covering various aspects of human resource management, including strategic planning, recruitment, selection, compensation, training, employee communication, and more.

Human Relations


Human Relations, is a comprehensive resource that covers various topics related to human relations in the workplace. It discusses the importance of skills such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, stress management, ethical behavior, motivation, and leadership for career success.

Employee Engagement: A review of current thinking

Gemma Robertson Smith, Carl Markwick

Employee Engagement: A review of current thinking, is a comprehensive review of employee engagement, its definition, outcomes, variations, and practical implementation. It explores the importance of engagement for organizations and highlights the benefits of engaged employees, such as improved performance, commitment, and advocacy.

Talent Management: A four-step aproach

Victoria Campbell, Wendy Hirsh

Talent Management: A Four-Step Approach, is a report based on research with 23 organizations. It presents a four-step model for talent management, covering definition, focus, process, and action.

Introduction to Human resource management and Environment

University of Mumbai

Introduction to Human Resource Management and Environment, is an introductory guide to HRM, covering topics such as the nature of HRM, its functions, objectives, and importance. It highlights the differences between personnel management and HRM, as well as the challenges and future role of HRM.

Human Resources Management and Training

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Human Resources Management and Training, is a compilation of good practices in human resources management and training in statistical offices. It covers various topics such as recruitment, training programs, competence mapping, and management development.

Human Resources Guides

Workforce planning guide

D. Robinson, W Hirsh

Workforce Planning Guide, is a comprehensive guide that provides an eight-step approach to workforce planning. It covers topics such as understanding the business, analyzing the workforce, identifying skill gaps, assessing future workforce demand, recruitment and retention, labor market analysis, training and development plans, and developing workforce plans.

Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World

KPMG International

Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World, provides insights into the challenges and future direction of the HR function. It discusses the importance of talent management, the impact of globalization and technology, and the need to engage with a global and flexible workforce.

Human Resource Strategy: Adapting to the Age of Globalization

SHRM Foundation

Human Resource Strategy: Adapting to the Age of Globalization, is a guide that explores how HR strategies can adapt to the challenges of global competition. It discusses the importance of HR strategy in enhancing company performance and provides insights on building skills, motivation, and behavior to support successful business strategies.

The practice of human resource management

Joanna O’Riordan

The Practice of Human Resource Management, provides an overview of HRM, its strategic nature, HR functions, and its impact on organizational performance. It highlights the importance of aligning HR strategies with business goals, developing a high-performance culture, and fostering positive employee relationships.

Managing Human Resources

Stephen J. Skripak

Managing Human Resources, provides insights into human resource management, including topics such as recruitment, training, employee development, and performance evaluation.

Recruitment and Selection Guides

Selection Assessment Methods

Elaine D. Pulakos

Selection Assessment Methods, provides guidelines for implementing formal assessments in order to build a high-quality workforce. The book covers topics such as job analysis, assessment methods, criteria for selecting and evaluating assessment methods, and additional considerations.

Recruitment and Selection


Recruitment and Selection, is a brief tutorial that covers the basics of recruitment and selection in HRM. It explains the process of sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates for vacant positions.

Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures

American Psychological Association (APA)

Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures, provides guidelines for validating and using personnel selection procedures in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. It covers topics such as evidence-based validation processes, sources of validity evidence, fairness and bias, operational considerations, and appropriate use of selection procedures.

Recruitment and Selection

Failte Ireland

Recruitment and Selection, is a guide that helps review the recruitment and selection process in organizations. It emphasizes the importance of structured approaches to hiring and provides practical steps for effective recruitment.

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