15+ Gastronomic Management Books for Free! [PDF]

If there is one sector of commerce that will never expire, it is gastronomy. Food will always be a necessity and a pleasure for human beings, therefore, there will always be companies that offer to satisfy both impulses. That is why we bring you this interesting collection of gastronomic management books in PDF format.

Restaurant management is a process by which the resources (human, financial, and material) of a restaurant, cafeteria, or bar are directed, coordinated, and improved in order to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

The people who run a business of this type can be overwhelmed by all that needs to be taken into account for it to function optimally so that it can stand up and grow. 

This work must be based on an exhaustive research and work scheme. On the other hand, it is indispensable work of standardizing recipes that allows good control of the food store and pricing according to costs.

As you can see, this is a subject with a large field of work, so we invite you to dig into our selection of more than 15 gastronomy management books in PDF format, completely free to access.

Here is our complete selection of Gastronomic Management Books:

1) Guidelines for the Development of Gastronomy Tourism


2) Local Food Marketing Guide

SAC Food Marketing

3) The Digital Transformation of the Marketing Mix in the Food and Beverage Service Supply Chain - A Grey DEMATEL Approach

Evita Vitsentzatou, Giannis T. Tsoulfas and Athanassios N. Mihiotis

4) Gastronomy as a mean of marketing management and rural destination development

Aleksandra Vujko, Mirjana Delic-Jovic, Olgica Zecevic-Stanojevi and Leposava Zecevic

5) The strategy of local food marketing and development as a typical souvenir of dairi regency

Ngatemin, Abdul Kadir Ritonga and Trisnawaty

6) Development of a Tool for Culinary Management

Maria de Delás

7) Creating, managing and marketing gastronomy experiences in hospitality and tourism

Mariani, M. and Bresciani, S

8) Strategic Marketing Management of Food Delivery

Wan Xin

9) Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations

Dr. Rainer Haas

10) The Role of Food Hubs in Local Food Marketing

United States Department of Agriculture

11) Writing a Marketing Plan for Your Food Business (Article)

Manitoba Government

12) Tackling food marketing to children in a digital world, trans-disciplinary perspectives

WHO Regional Office for Europe

13) Lean Management Approach to Reduce Waste in HoReCa Food Services

Barttomiej Gladysz, Aleksander Buczacki and Cecilia Haskins

14) Gastronomy Tourism Creating Value for Destinations (Presentation)

Sandra Carvao

15) National Guidelines - For Culinary Tourism Strategy Development in Rural and Remote Destinations

Elevating Canadian Experiences

16) The Role of Culinary Tourism in The Promotion of Hotel Industry

Ahmed Mohamed Atef and Basem Mahmoud Abou El-Ela Harede

Here ends our selection of free Gastronomic Management Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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