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In this day and age, work environments are constantly changing on many levels. Today more than ever our working community needs training books in PDF format, to study its importance and how it can be implemented in the organizational area.

Training is both a right and a duty, since workers must be able to update their knowledge and skills, but also have a duty to commit to the process and complete each stage satisfactorily.

Training is a short-term process where specialized techniques and strategies are applied, previously planned and aimed at achieving the organization’s objectives. In addition, it must be constant, since learning does not end, there are always challenges, changes and problems to be solved.

In this sense, continuous improvement must be an essential value in any company that wishes to survive the different challenges of the 21st century.

Among the benefits of adopting this philosophy are: flexibility and specialization in the tasks to be developed, preparation for new challenges, improvement of tasks and reduction of time and supervision.

What are you waiting for to study with the more than 15 training books in PDF format that we bring you? Download them for free on your electronic devices.

Training manuals for trainers

For all our readers who wish to prepare or reinforce their knowledge as education or training personnel, we put together a set of training manuals for trainers in PDF format.

You must have accurate and effective guidance on how to strengthen your skills, convey information or knowledge, and facilitate the learning process for your trainees.

And for you to ideally prepare yourself as a trainer, we share the most complete and useful manuals in the field, with detailed instructions, practices, and examples.

Facilitator Training Manual

BC Recreation and Parks Association

Facilitation Training

National Marine Sanctuary System

Training Facilitation Skills

United States Agency for International Development

Handbook For Facilitators - Learning To Learn In Practice

Paul Kloosterman and Mark E. Taylor

Basic Life Skills Course - Facilitator’s Manual

Michelle May

Facilitator Training Manual

The Swim Ireland

Personal Development Training Books

Personal growth is constant in all aspects, and for you to optimize your development as an individual, we have gathered a series of training books for personal development in PDF format.

Within the workplace, the strengthening of people is essential, as this allows better functioning of the company or business, especially if you have leaders who underpin the values, habits, and action plans.

So that you have at hand the best practices regarding personal development in the business area, we offer you the best books developed by experts.

Leadership Resources - Personal Development


Training Module On Personality Development

Dr. Chandra Prasad Sreedhar & Mr. Oommen Mathew

Life Skills and Leadership Manual

Peace Corps OPATS

Training Management Manual for Civil Society Organizations

United States Agency for International Development

Customer Service Training Books

For those who want effective guidance on how to serve others, here are the best customer service training books in PDF format.

There are golden rules that all customer service personnel must know and master in order to provide high-level, satisfying service that delivers the expected results every time. 

Everything you need to know to prepare you properly in the field of customer service, you can find it in the texts that we present in this section of our digital library.

Customer Service Handbook

Travel Nunavut

Golden Rules To Great Customer Service (Presentation)

Bill Huninghake & Rich York

Customer Service Training Manual (Presentation)

TREY research

Training Module: Customer Service (Article)

Bates County Memorial Hospital

Customer Service

LA County DHR

The Skills You Need - Guide To Personal Development (Article)

Skills You Need

Here ends our selection of free Training Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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