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In order to provide more interesting information and in an open way to our readers, we have conformed a selection of free books about Logistics. Our list is made up only of books in pdf format, for your maximum convenience.

What we know as Logistics consists of all those operations that are executed with the idea of making a product arrive to the consumer’s hands, from the place where the raw material is obtained to the production site.

These operations are mainly those related to the transportation, storage and distribution of the products in the market. It is for all this that logistics is considered as an activity separate from the manufacturing of a product.

Logistics components

  • The development of logistics may include some or all of these operations:
  • Transport entry
  • Transport output
  • Fleet Management
  • Storage
  • Material Handling
  • Order fulfillment
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning

What is the importance of logistics?

It is common for businesses to focus on the design and production of their services or products to meet the demand of their customers, but if those products or services do not reach the consumers, the business will not prosper. That is where Logistics comes into play.

In our more than 20 books on Logistics in PDF format you will find all the information of interest on the subject.

All our texts are in the public domain or have been given for free distribution.

Here we present our complete selection of Logistics Books:

Logistics Handbook


Business Logistics in Modern Management

University of Osijek

Logistics and Transport Management

Nouf Al-Iryani, Thomas Gassin

Logistics Development Strategies and Performance Measurement


Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Dawei Lu

Reverse Logistics and Green Logistics

Sabina Nylund

Logistics. Transportation and warehouse in supply chain

Juri Kondratjev

Transport Logistics


Logistics. Theory and Practice (Presentation)

Various authors

The future of the logistics industry

Various authors

Logistics management

Helena R. Lourenço

Logistics at Large: Jumping the Barriers of the Logistics Function

Yossi Sheffi y Peter Klaus

Logistics management best practices

Logistics Management

Total logistics management concept and principles in manufacturing enterprise

Maciej Bieleck and Barbara Galinska

Business logistics. Importance and some research opportunities

Ronald H. Ballou

Supply Chain and Logistics For The Present Day Business

B. Neerajaa, Mita Mehtab, Arti Chandanic

The role of transportation in logistics chain

M. Sreenivas and T. Srinivas

The Impact of Logistics Management Practices on Company’s Performance

Natasha Ristovska, Sasho Kozuharov and Vladimir Petkovski

Logistics and supply chain management: an overview

Vacar Anca

Logistics management model for small and medium-sized textile enterprises

Patricia Cano-Olivos, Fernando Orue-Carrasco, José Luis Martínez–Flores and Yésica Mayett

The future of supply chain and logistics management in the strategic organizations: contractor companies and new generation suppliers

Ramazan Erturgut

An Introduction to Logistics

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