15+ Business Strategy Books for Free! [PDF]

The subject of business is very broad and encompasses many aspects essential to its understanding. That’s why we wanted to create this collection of Business strategy books in PDF format so you can learn more about how companies can create value in the marketplace and a competitive advantage that will keep them afloat for many years to come.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, care about reading and studying, or intend to be one, this compendium of books on strategic management will be very useful to you. They are free to distribute and in the public domain, a great opportunity to enjoy valuable reading without spending a penny.

Business strategy can be defined as the establishment of an action plan that companies carry out to maintain a good performance and competitive level, with respect to others in the same field. Every organization must offer a differential value that allows it to stand out and remain in good condition over time.

This strategy is executed on the basis of external and internal factors. Among the external factors are: the added value that it will offer and that will differentiate it from other companies, who it will target, what needs to be satisfied, what products to offer, circumstances surrounding the strategy (political and economic factors, for example), among others.

As for external factors, we can mention: the components of the company and its distinctive characteristics that contribute to the creation and marketing of products.

The business strategy must mark the path of the organization; it is the backbone on which the balance of the other elements depends. It is an indispensable roadmap for a company’s success.

Enjoy now our more than 15 books on business strategy in PDF format, available for immediate download. Learn how to carry out this process that will make your company succeed and survive in today’s competitive business world.

Here we present our complete selection of Business Strategy Books:

The Concept of Strategy

Foundations of Strategy

Online Business Strategy (Presentation)

Blue Fountain Media

Business strategy

McKinsey & Company

Corporate and businesslevel strategies at MNEs

Yury Bogomyagkov, Ievgen Machulskyi

Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation

David J. Teece

Corporate Strategy: Past, Present, and Future

Emilie R. Feldman

The Relationship Between Business Strategy and Project Strategy in Innovation Projects

Hedieh Yousefi Zadeh, Wan Mei Ching

Business Strategy Formulation and Implementation for Cetakbdg

Abdurrahman Rahim Thaha

The Business Model in Context of Business Strategy

Johannes Christian Gaedicke

The Development of an International Business Strategy


Business Policy and Strategy

Ribdi N. R. M. Alsaedi

Three Forms of Strategy (Article)

Fred Nickols

Digital Transformation & Digital Business Strategy in Electronic Commerce-The Role of Organizational Capabilities (Article)

Ayesha Nadeem, Babak Abedin, Narciso Cerpa

Business Strategy; Methods and Models (Article)

Gerrit Muller

Applying Business Strategy Models in Organizations (Article)

Lidia López and Xavier Franch

The Evolution of Business Strategy (Article)

By Rich Horwath

What is Business Strategy? (Article)


The role of business strategy to create a competitive advantage in the organization (Article)

Rasheed Abdulwase, Faroq Ahmed, Fuad Nasr

Here ends our selection of free Business Strategy books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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