15+ Learning Books for Free! [PDF]

As human beings, we are endowed with capabilities that allow us to adapt to our environment. Discovering how this process occurs is a whole science and that is why we wanted to make this collection of learning books in PDF format, where you will find important facts about this process.

Thanks to the fact that we have the ability to learn, billions of human beings in history have been able to not only survive in this world, but also create great advances that have led us to what we are today as a global society. Find effective strategies to contribute to this evolution, thanks to our learning books.

We can define learning as a process of acquiring, changing and developing skills, knowledge and behaviors as a result of study, experience, teaching or reasoning. Through learning we can adapt our experiences to different situations on various future occasions.

How we learn is one of the questions that have led to the development of disciplines such as pedagogy, which is concerned with creating strategies for learning to occur effectively. Likewise, psychology is interested in knowing the cognitive and affective processes involved in learning, which is why it has a branch dedicated to discovering it: the psychology of learning

There are different types of learning, among which we can mention the following:

Receptive learning: the individual understands the information and then reproduces it.

Repetitive learning: repetition of content to fix it in memory.

Significant learning: the individual relates the new content with the one they already had, which they integrate and arrange.

Learning by discovery: the subject discovers the concepts and their relationships, according to the cognitive stage in which they are.

Do you want to know more about this interesting topic? Do not hesitate to consult the more than 15 learning books in PDF format and download them to your electronic devices, totally free of charge.

Here we present our complete selection of Learning books:

1) Learning Theory

Esa Nur Wahyuni

Source: State Islamic University of Malang

2) Learners and the Learning Process

Ismail Thamarasseri

Source: Central University Of Kashmir

3) Psychology of learning

University of Mumbai

Source: University of Mumbai

4) What is Collaborative Learning

Barbara Leigh Smith,Jean T MacGregor

Source: Austin Community College District

5) Kinesthetic Learning and Cognition

Hilary M Davis

Source: Evergreen State College

6) Collaborative Project-based Learning and Problem-based Learning in Higher Education

Roisin Donnelly,Marian Fitzmaurice

Source: Bemidji State University

7) The Effect of Discovery Learning Method Application on Increasing Students Listening Outcome and Social Attitude

Education Resources Information Center

Source: Education Resources Information Center

8) Discovery Learning for the 21st Century What is it and how Does it Compare to Traditional Learning in Effectiveness in the 21st Century

Joyce A Castronova

Source: My English Pages

9) Learning Styles

Wilfrid Laurier University

Source: Wilfrid Laurier University

10) Types of learning (Article)

Maike Looß

Source: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

11) Discovering Discovery Learning

Kendall Brown,Dr Santarone

Source: Georgia College State University

12) Associative Learning and Behaviour An Algebraic Search for Psychological Symmetries

Eduardo Alonso,Esther Mondragon

Source: The Centre for Computational and Animal Learning Research

13) A Facilitating Effective Teaching through Learning Based on Learning Styles and Ways of Thinking (Article)

Siti Aisyah Ginting

Source: Education Resources Information Center

14) Active Learning (Article)

Cynthia J Brame

Source: Vanderbilt University

15) Teaching and Learning Process to Enhance Teaching Effectiveness a Literature Review (Article)

Afzal Sayed Munna,Md Abul Kalam

Source: Education Resources Information Center

16) Understanding Auditory Learning (Article)

Monica Brady Myerov

Source: Amazon Simple Storage Service

17) The Effect of Autonomous Learning on Language Proficiency and Use of Language Learning Strategies for the Moroccan Baccalaureate Learners (Article)

Mohamed Ezzaidi

Source: International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences

18) The Effectiveness of Kinesthetic Learning Style Towards Student’s

Santhy Givend Pandie,Triznawasty Y Daik, Welmince Kamau S

Source: Untrib Kalabahi

19) The Importance of Learning Strategies and How the Project Kolumbus Kids Promotes Them Successfully (Article)

Claas Wegner,Lea Minnaert,Friederike Strehlke

Source: Education Resources Information Center

Here ends our selection of free Learning books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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