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Among the tasks of engineering professionals, we find that of collaborating with the continuous improvement of production systems. One of the ways to carry out this contribution is to guarantee the reliability and availability of the operations by means of an optimal Industrial Maintenance.

This maintenance consists of a conglomerate of activities executed in order to ensure that all assets continue to perform their expected or design functions.

The objective of Industrial Maintenance is to guarantee the planned availability and reliability of the operations in terms of the desired function. All this, while complying with the requirements of the quality management system, safety and environmental standards, and seeking the maximum overall benefit.

The list we have created for you includes more than 20 books on Industrial Maintenance in PDF format, in which you can learn everything about the subject. We have also included books in Spanish and Portuguese, in case you want to enjoy the subject in any of these languages.

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Here we present our complete selection of Industrial Maintenance Books:

1) A Course Material on Maintenance Engineering

E. R. Sivakumar M.E.

Source: Sasurie College Of Engineering Tirupur

2) Industrial Maintenance. Mechanical Systems

Various authors

Source: MIC Institute of Technology

3) Maintenance Engineering and Management

Various authors

Source: Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology

4) Operations & Maintenance. Best Practices

G. P. Sullivan, R. Pugh, A. P. Melendez and W. D. Hunt

Source: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

5) Industrial Maintenance

Various authors

Source: U.S. Department of Education

6) Facilities Maintenance

Various authors

Source: Plant Engineering

7) Industrial Maintenance - Trouble shooting Industrial Controls Training System

Festo Didactic Ltée

Source: LabVolt Series

8) Maintenance Engineering Syllabus

Fatima Michael College of Engineering and Technology

Source: Fatima Michael College of Engineering and Technology

9) A Survey on Predictive Maintenance for Industry 4.0

Christian Krupitzera, Tim Wagenhalsb, Marwin Z uflea, Veronika Lescha, Dominik Sch aferc, Amin Mozaffarind, Janick Edingerb, Christian Beckerb, Samuel Kouneva

Source: Arxiv

10) Maintenance Management and Innovation in Industries: A Survey of Moroccan Companies

Amal Naji, Zitouni Beidouri, Mohamed Oumami and Otmane Bouksour

Source: Redalyc

11) Maintenance Approaches for Different Production Methods

D.S. Mungani & J.K. Visser

Source: SciELO

12) Industrial Maintenance Performance Analysis Routine –IMPART

Oscar Lindén

Source: IPS - Intressentföreningen För Processäkerhet

13) Maintenance Management of Complex Industrial Systems - A Methodology for Renewal Strategies

Mathias Wärja

Source: DiVA

14) Industrial Maintenance Performance Analysis Routine –IMPART

Oscar Lindén

Source: IPS - Intressentföreningen För Processäkerhet

15) Optimization of the Maintenance and Productivity of Industrial Organization

Mohamed Er-Ratby and Mustapha Mabrouki

Source: Research India Publications

16) Using Predictive Maintenance of Industrial Assets: Your Starting Point to the Digital Manufacturing Journey


Source: Capgemini

17) Machine Learning to Revolutionize Industrial Maintenance with Advanced Analytics

Richard Irwin

Source: Bentley

18) The Industrial Maintenance: A Function by Mutation and the Skills in Evolution

Abdelhafid Rachidi, Abdennebi Talbi and Khatory Abdellah

Source: ResearchGate

19) Development Of An Effective Industrial Maintenance Practice For Plant Optimum Performance

Emmanuel Kobina Payne Miet and Samuel Kojo Odoom

Source: IJERA

20) The Industrial Maintenance Management and Implementing Maintenance Policies forImprovement inProductivity

Ajay S. Bonde and Ashwadeep C. Fulzele

Source: International Journal of Computational Engineering Research

21) Plant Maintenance Services and Application of ICT

Shigeru Toida, Fumio Hatori and Mitsuhiro Takemoto

Source: Hitachi Global

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