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Occupational health and safety are issues that have taken on great relevance in recent decades, because above all companies seek to be as productive as possible without having legal problems. Much of the welfare of employees depends on the environment that surrounds them and therefore we have made available to the community the selection of ergonomics books in PDF format.

This discipline is responsible for finding ways to ensure well-being and in our ergonomics books you can discover the right way to do it. It is an area that involves other sciences such as medicine, psychology, engineering and architecture to achieve its objectives.

Ergonomics is understood as the discipline that seeks to adapt the work environment and machinery to the anatomical, psychological and physiological characteristics of the people working in a company, organization or factory. Some of the most important objectives of ergonomics are:

  • To investigate occupational hazards in order to reduce them and thus prevent occupational accidents.
  • Jobs and functions should be adjusted to the employee’s functions and not the other way around.
  • When introducing new technologies in the workplace, ergonomics ensures that they match the skills and characteristics of the workers.
  • Apply ergonomic standards and provisions in the furniture, materials and tools that employees will use to perform their work activities.
  • Create an optimal work environment.
  • Increase productivity and avoid employee turnover.

Among the most important types of ergonomics are: physical ergonomics (deals with the anthropometric, anatomical, biomechanical and physiological characteristics of the worker), visual ergonomics (seeks optimal visual performance of workers exposed to screens or with a demanding visual activity) psychological ergonomics (deals with the mental processes involved in the interaction between the user, machines and the environment) and organizational ergonomics.

Do not miss any of the more than 15 ergonomics books in PDF format that we make available to you in this section of our library.

Here we present our complete selection of Ergonomics books:

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Health and Safety Authority

Introduction to Workplace Ergonomics

University of Washington

Benefits of Ergonomics

Urban Daub, Alexander Ackermann and Verena Kopp


District School Board of Niagara

Workplace Ergonomics Program

Environmental Health and Safety Virginia Tech

Ergonomics Program

The Occupational Safety Unit of Environmental Health & Safety

Ergonomic Exercises

Pittsburg State University

Ergonomics Training Handouts

Serving the Needs of Vermont Schools

Office Chairs: An Overview of Ergonomic Standards

Catherine Smallman,Linda Miller

Ergonomic Analysis of Two Different Office Chairs Included in the Atenea Programme

Alfonso Panchón Ruiz and Antonio Durá Doménech

Ergonomics in Action

California Department of Industrial Relations

Ergonomic and At-work Exercises based Educational Program among Nurses Working in Hospital

Zeinab Bazvand,Sedigheh Sadat Tavafian,Sahar Boozari

Ergonomics (Presentation)

Iowa State University

Ergonomic Hazards (Presentation)

Gary W Helmer

Anthropometries and Ergonomics (Presentation)


Introduction to Human Factors in Engineering and Ergonomics Research Field (Presentation)

Naris Charoenporn

Ergonomics: What is it (Article)

Catherine M White

The Advantages of Ergonomics (Article)

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

Ergonomics Design Metal Chair for the Elderly (Article)

Mohammad Abdullah Taha Almandrawy

Here ends our selection of free Ergonomics books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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