20+ Books to Learn to Sing for Free! [PDF]

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In the world of music there is an invisible but very powerful instrument when creating a piece. It is the voice, one of the most precious in the world. Learn the art of singing with our collection of books to learn to sing in PDF format.

Can anyone sing? No, simply because many may be interested, but not everyone has the true vocation that will make them persist. If you have a real desire to develop your singing voice, it would be a good start to take a look at our books to learn to sing.

In this collection you will find books on vocal technique, which will be very useful for your empirical training. Learning to sing can be a complex task, since your vocal apparatus is not visible.

Since it is not visible, it is difficult to imitate the performance of the instrument. So you will have to rely on a set of techniques and practice them a lot in order to perfect your voice. However, it is possible, otherwise history would not have left us master singers.

It is necessary to develop some fundamental skills such as breathing, hearing, sound articulation, voice placement, timbre development, mastery of different vocal registers, interpretation, among others.

It is true that in some people singing comes very naturally and looks easy, but without the right techniques the truth is that it can cause damage to the vocal cords. If singing were that easy, anyone could do it perfectly well without the need to study it.

So if you want to do it right, get the right material to start with. Here you can get it, because we have more than 20 books to learn to sing in PDF format, available right now, in the public domain and completely free. Develop your vocation and be encouraged to sing professionally.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Learn to Sing Books

Vocal health information

Duke Voice Care Center

Training the Speaking Voice through Singing

Kenneth L. Sipley

The Choir: Sing While you Work Sing (Article)

Garet Malone

Breathing Basics for Singing (Article)

Various authors

Vocal Technique Books

Singing is one of the things that many people would like to do, however most people fall into the deception of “I can’t sing” (I include myself), which experts in the field say is a destructive and paralyzing thought, everyone without exception can learn how to sing!

At this point we will discuss something vital for those who want to learn, and that is the Vocal Technique, which is the way in which the muscles and organs are used to produce the voice. Have you ever heard a person with an announcer’s voice? Well let me tell you, your tone of voice can also be like that or better.

Here are some of the types of exercises to improve your vocal technique: warm up your voice, breathe lying down, hold the air in your diaphragm, project sounds, free your voice, improve your diction, learn how to place your tongue, etc.

Contemporary Vocal Technique in the Choral Rehearsal: Exploratory Strategies for Learning

Brian J. Winnie

Vocal Technique Training for Choir Members (Presentation)

Jeffery Bauman

Vocal and Choral Techniques

Various authors

The Tongue as Master of your Singing: Vowel Modification (Article)

Shirlee Emmons

Vocal Exercises to Improve Projection (Article)

MIT Biological Engineering Communication Lab

A Basic Guide to Vocal Exercises for Beginning Singing Teachers. (Article)

Dr. Christopher Arneson

Complete Vocal Technique in Four Pages (Article)

National Association of Teachers of Singing

Seven Tips for Projecting Your Voice from the Stage (Article)

Sharon Abreu

Children’s Books to Learn to Sing

Children love music, it is a language that goes with them, if you are a parent and you have children at home, surely you have noticed how they like to sing any song that comes to mind, so it is a good time to include them in a good singing course.

Learning to sing requires a lot of practice and conscious diligence, what this means, is simple, it means not doing it for the sake of doing it, but with a specific objective, however to capture this in the little ones is not so easy, that’s why we have prepared a free selection of books that will help you in this task.

You will find books on vocal technique, on the breathing necessary for singing, etc. We have also included useful books to use at school, such as: Singing in primary education, and Singing in early childhood education.

General Song Activities for Children’s Songs

Various authors

Vocal Development in Young Children

Lillie H. Feierabend

Creative Ideas For Choir Leaders (Article)

Terry D. Taylor

Children and School Singing During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Article)

Professor Martin Ashley

English Songbook for Kids (Article)

Shaney Crawford

Importance of Vocal Warm-Ups in Children's Choir Rehearsals in Hungarian Music Primary Schools (Article)

Andrea Asztalos

Yes, They Are Ready: Teaching Very Young Singers (Article)

National Association of Teachers of Singing

Every Breath you Take: Little Kids Rock Vocals (Article)

Chuck Speicher

Sing a Song (Article)

D. C. Heath and Company

Well, this was our collection of Books to Learn to Sing in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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