5+ Comedy Books for Free! [PDF]

Humor has been an excellent resource for entertainment since ancient times. This is well known to authors of comedy books in PDF format, who make extraordinary use of this tool.

Comedy is an ancient genre, dating back to ancient Greece, and is characterized by stories that provoke laughter and conclude with a happy or tragic ending, as the case may be.

Nothing can be taken seriously from the colorful characters that are part of the comedy books in PDF format that we give you access to in this section.

Like tragedies, comedies took the audience out of their own daily problems to immerse them in a world where they could unburden their sorrows.

Aristotle had already defined the genre of comedy in his Poetics, which he describes as the representation of a very deteriorated version of people that gives the audience an opportunity to make fun of them, even if they are authority figures.

The characters are not charged with that admirable aura of tragic plays, but are subjected to numerous random events of everyday life. Despite all the adventures of the protagonist, who is in reality a parody of a hero, they end up getting out of the most absurd situations through the most casual events.

In this way, comedies abound in absurdities, coincidences, surprises, abrupt changes, among other resources that make the plot very laughable.

In the evolution of tragedy, many of these resources were transferred to the cinema, which would initiate the genre with the films of Charles Chaplin.

Comedy uses humor to bring out the most convoluted and absurd situations, ridiculing everyday stories that could well be dramatic.

The characters are colorful and could even be caricatured. Mistakes and misunderstandings abound to generate the most impossible events.

The denouements are usually happy and sometimes mixed with a bit of tragedy, which makes them even more comical.

Enter now in the more than 5 comedy books in PDF format, to delight you with many laughs.

Here we present our complete selection of Comedy Books:

1) The Suicide

Nicolai Erdman

Source: Brock University

2) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Anita Loos

Source: King Author Ebooks

3) My Man Jeeves

P G Wodehouse

Source: Free Classic eBooks

4) Antic Hay

Aldous Huxley

Source: The Amraux Library

5) A Damsel in Distress

P G Wodehouse

Source: Index of NovelLibrary

6) A Prefect's Uncle

P G Wodehouse

Source: Index of NovelLibrary

7) Three Men in a Boat

Jerome K. Jerome

Source: The apache software foundation

8) Man and Superman

George Bernard Shaw

Source: Ron Burkeys Project Page

9) The Cat and the Canary

John Willard,David Muncaster

Source: SimplyScripts

Here ends our selection of free Comedy books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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