20+ Metaphysics Books for Free! [PDF]

With the sole objective of continuing to provide an open door to knowledge and topics of great interest, we have consolidated a list of free books about Metaphysics. The selection of texts that we share with you today is made up of books in PDF format.

The word Metaphysics is derived from the Latin “metaphysica”, and this in turn comes from the Greek μεταφυσικά which means “beyond nature”. Metaphysics is the part of philosophy that analyzes the main problems of philosophical thought, such as being, God, the absolute, the soul, the world.

It also describes the foundations, properties, causes and conditions of reality, as well as its purpose and meaning. The object of study of Metaphysics is the immaterial.

The origin of the word Metaphysics is attributed to Andronicus of Rhodes, who was trying to order the books of Aristotle, but since he was unable to classify those dealing with Metaphysics within morality, logic, or physics, he chose to place them after those dealing with physics.

However, Metaphysics already existed before Aristotle, and already appeared as part of the writings of pre-Socratic philosophers or Plato himself.

Our select list consists of more than 20 books on Metaphysics in PDF format. In these texts you will be able to consult all the relevant and important data on the subject.

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Here we present our complete selection of Metaphysics Books:

Metaphysics or Modernity?

Simon Baumgartner, Thimo Heisenberg and Sebastian Krebs

Laws In Metaphysics

Tobias Wilsch

What Is Metaphysics

Martin Heidegger

Humans and Nature: Finding Meaning through Metaphysics

Justin Stone

Theory and Reality : Metaphysics as Second Science

Staffan Angere

Mathematical Metaphysics

Clark Glymour, Luke Serafin

Modern Metaphysics

Barry M. McCoy

An Introduction to Metaphysics

Henri Bergson

Recent Advances in Metaphysics

E. J. Lowe

What is Metaphysics?

Kit Fine

The Phenomenon of the Home: Metaphysics of the Innermost

Elena Zh. Shupletsova

Metaphysics - An overview

University of Colorado Boulder

Metaphysics of sciencebetween metaphysics and science (Article)

Michael Esfeld

Metaphysics and the Question of Being (Article)


Cosmic metaphysics: Being versus Becoming in cosmology and astrophysics (Article)

Marcelo Gleiser

Metaphysics and the Limit of the Natural Sciences Explanatory Power (Article)

Aleksandr Kulieshov

Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics (Article)

Tim Black

Philosophy in Two-Year Colleges

Thomas Urban

Metaphysics as the First Philosophy

Tuomas E. Tahko

An Introduction to Metaphysics

Henri Bergson

The Metaphysics of Aristotle


Here ends our selection of free Metaphysics books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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