15+ Numismatics Books for Free! [PDF]

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It is always interesting to see the historical evolution of events, phenomena or objects in the world. Knowing the history and origin of things will always be relevant to any society. Therefore, it has seemed relevant to us to create a collection of numismatics books in PDF format, as a way to offer the opportunity to investigate the archeology of the world’s coins.

Coinage is part of the heritage of peoples, it has represented throughout time the ideal way to exchange goods and services, although this process did not always work this way. Coins marked a change in the dynamics of the markets and thanks to them many activities in this field are facilitated. In our numismatics books you will find quality information on this subject.

Numismatics is the science or sub-discipline of archaeology that studies the coins issued in a nation or country. It also refers to coin collecting, although they are not interdependent activities. On the other hand, numismatics has other sub-disciplines such as exonumia which studies all forms of money: coins, cards, bonds, among others; or notaphily which studies all types of banknotes and stamps.

Some numismatists study coins and at the same time collect them. Their work is very important because they are in charge of studying the economic, geographical, political and cultural processes of the countries that own these coins. It is a way of approaching history that, in addition, is very rich in interesting information to understand the behavior of markets and societies in general.

We encourage you to make the historical journey through coins with our collection of more than 15 numismatics books in PDF format. All of them are available for immediate download on your electronic devices and totally free of charge.

Here we present our complete selection of Numismatics books:


American Numismatic Association

A Chartalist View of Numismatics

Xavier Sanahuja Anguera

A Simple Numeric Algorithm for Ancient Coin Dies Identification

Luca Lista

Recent Discoveries of Coin Hoards from Central Asia and Pakistan New Numismatic Evidence on the Pre Kushan History of the Silk Road

Osmund Bopearachchi

The Birth of Coinage

Robert A Mundell

Indian Numismatics

D D Kosambi

The Elemental Analysis of Elymais Period Coins by PIXE Technique and Their Statistical

Behzad Hosseini Sarbishe, Ali Asghar Salahshoor*, Hamzeh Ghobadi Zadeh

The Numismatic Chronicle 170 Offprint

Kevin Butcher

Encoded Archival Description for Numismatic Collections (Article)

Ethan Gruber

A Study of Sasanian Silver Coins Employing the XRF Technique

Bita Sodaeia,Parasto Masjedi Khakb,Mostafa Khazaieb

A Model of the Beginnings of Coinage in Antiquity

Jacques Melitz

Ancient Coins of Orissa (Article)

Bharati Pal

A Living Collection (Presentation)

Graham Dyer

Ancient Roman Coin Recognition in the Wild using Deep Learning Based Recognition of Artistically Depicted Face Profiles (Article)

Imanol Schlag,Ognjen Arandjelovic

Ancient Greek Coins (Article)

Ashmolean Museum

The numismatic collection of the Deutsche Bundesbank (Article)

Deutsche Bundesbank

Analysis of Gold Coins of the XIX Century by Portable XRF (Article)

Marcelo O. Pereira, Valter de S. Felix, Paula de J. M. Aranha

Here ends our selection of free Numismatics books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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