15+ Alcoholism Books for Free! [PDF]

Addictions are a public health problem, approached from an integral point of view and involving a great variety of institutions and individuals. Given the multiple negative consequences it generates, we know that it is very important to study and understand it. That is why we have created a collection of books on alcoholism in PDF format, so that all those interested can access relevant information on the subject.

Alcoholism can affect anyone, from adolescence, so prevention is key in the fight against this problem that every day deteriorates the health of more people. We hope with our books on alcoholism to contribute a little to the cause, so that our community is properly informed.

Alcoholism can be defined as an addiction to alcohol that causes damage to the psyche, mood, relationships, brain and other organs of the body, such as the liver. An individual can be said to be an alcoholic when they create a dependence towards alcohol and this dependence does not diminish with time, but, on the contrary, becomes stronger.

To overcome alcoholism, first of all, the person suffering from alcoholism must recognize their addiction problem. Subsequently, a multidisciplinary intervention can be carried out in order for the patient to successfully overcome this situation. Psychological therapy, the use of drugs, group therapy, family or couple therapy and social services, among others, are usually combined.

In the most severe cases, the patient may require hospitalization to help them overcome the withdrawal syndrome that can cause significant physical and mental symptoms.

There are two types of alcoholism. Type 1 occurs in adults and is characterized by excessive alcohol consumption with increasingly shorter periods of abstinence. Type 2 occurs in adolescents and usually has psychological causes. The increase in alcohol consumption is not progressive.

We leave you, then, this collection with more than 15 books on alcoholism in PDF format, so that you can be well informed on the subject, its causes, consequences and ways of prevention and approach.

Here we present our complete selection of Alcoholism books:

Alcohol Abuse

Western Cape Government

Prevention Programs and Policies

Surgeon Generals Report on Alcohol Drugs and Health

You + Alcohol + Safety

National Health Service

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Management Guidelines for Adults

Emma Gallichan, Yazan Haddadin and Magda Markiewicz

Make a Difference

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

To Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking

U S Department of Health and Human Services

Youth and Alcohol

Drug Free Kids Canada

How to Prevent Alcohol-Related Problems

Stephen Maisto,Jennifer Funderburk

How To Reduce High-Risk College Drinking

College Drinking Prevention

Alcohol Use in Adolescence

David Fergusson, Joseph Boden

The Consequences of Alcohol Consumption for Drinking and Non Drinking Students

Shadd Cabalatungan

Effect of Alcoholism (Article)

St Johns Research Institute

Alcohol and Health: Standards of Consumption, Benefits and Harm - a Review (Article)

Isabela Maria Monteiro Viera, Brenda Lohanny Passos Santos, Denise Santos Ruzene

The Impact of Alcohol on Health (Article)

Peter Anderson

Alcohol Addiction Brings Many Health Problems (Article)

Sinisa Franjic

Alcohol Consumption in Young People Between 18 and 24 Years According to Sociodemographic Characteristics (Article)

María Belen Villace,Alicia Ruth Fernández,Moacyr Lobo da Costa Junior

Alcohol and Adolescent Development (Article)

Early Childhood Teaching Victorian Government Melbourne

Factors and Motivation for the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Adolescence (Article)

Keila do Carmo Neves,Maria Luiza de Oliveira Teixeira,Marcia de Assuncao Ferreira

Dangers of teen drinking (Article)

Richard Saitz

Here ends our selection of free Alcoholism books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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