20+ Learn to Play the Piano Books for Free! [PDF]

Mastering any musical instrument offers countless advantages for both children and adults. With this in mind, we have compiled books to learn to play the piano in PDF format, all of which are publicly accessible and distributed free of charge.

The benefits are basically on three levels: physical, mental and emotional. In this sense, one of the musical instruments most acclaimed by apprentices and audiences is the piano. If you want to improve your technique, take a look at our books to learn to play the piano.

The modern version of the piano was created by the Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori in the 18th century. However, this instrument already had antecedents in other string instruments, such as the zither. Its evolution took time, but finally we have it today as one of the most emblematic modern instruments of music.

Learning to play the piano requires the development of various skills and certain qualities in the apprentice, in addition to talent and passion for music. It can be complex and frustrating, but as with any instrumental performance, it requires much practice to master it completely.

History has witnessed the talent of great classical musicians and composers, who brought to light masterpieces to be performed on a piano. Since then, millions of musicians around the world have reproduced and recreated these pieces providing enormous aesthetic pleasure and artistic entertainment to audiences of all times.

We must remember that music is one of the most appreciated fine arts in humanity and the piano is an instrument capable of generating the highest emotions and beautifully expressing the essential richness of the human being.

Dare to accompany your studies with our more than 20 books to learn to play the piano in PDF format, including exercise books to play the piano, ready to download to your electronic devices.

Books to Learn to Play the Piano

Comprehensive Piano Lessons & Music Theory

John Stallworth

Fundamentals of Piano Practice

Chaun C. Chang

Basic Music Theory for Adult Beginner-Level Piano Players

Lawrence Martin

12 Easy Steps to Play Piano in the Next 30 Days

Piano Lessons Central

Teacher’s Guide. Piano Lessons Book 1

Barbara Kreader, Fred Kern, Phillip Keveren and Mona Rejino

The Complete Pianist

Marilee Leishman

General Principles of Piano Technique

Alan Belkin

Beginners Piano – The Basics (Article)

Music Instruments

12 Beautiful Chords, and how to play them (Article)

Derik Nelson

Books to Learn to Play the Piano for Children

Learning to play the piano and playing like Mozart is the dream of many people, including children who are the joy of the house. When they grow up in a musical environment or are exposed to instruments, they develop a taste and desire to play them.

So, if you have a child who wants to learn to play the piano, be happy and teach them, it is one of the best things they can do, that way you will have your little ones assets in something beneficial, and not only that, you will also be providing them with knowledge that they can use later in their lives.

So that you can do this work we have prepared for you a set of selected books that will guide you step by step how to teach them, and at the same time they can become familiar with the instrument.

Incy Wincy Spider

Let's Play Music

If You're Happy and You Know It

Julie A. Lind

Twinkle Twinkle

Let's Play Music

Jingle Bells

Let's Play Music

Exercises to Learn to Play the Piano

Playing the piano, learning a language, being a better sportsperson, mastering a martial art, etc., is something that can be achieved, however, they all have something in common, and that is practice, without it, you could fall into a state of frustration and mediocrity.

The exercises to play the piano can be found in many places, if you have a teacher you will receive the corresponding practices, on the other hand if you are self-taught you should make a little more effort to advance, since you will have to investigate on your own, however, one of the best things of this modality is that you will be able to go at your own pace.

If you are a visual person, who likes to learn by observing, we invite you to navigate in YouTube channels, there you will find complete courses where they explain step by step the handling of the instrument.

The Virtuoso Pianist Part I

Charles-Louis Hanon

Piano Skills Foundation. Beginner Level 1

True Piano Lessons

Preparatory exercises: five-finger exercises for the piano, op. 16

Aloys Schmitt

Song Tutor Music Book

Williams Pianos

Keyboard Books

The keyboard is a rather striking musical instrument, I remember that I used to think that they were different pianos from the “classics”, but the reality is not like that. If you know about music you understand what I am talking about, the truth is, that with this tool you can compose excellent themes, both strong and soft tones.

The uniqueness of this equipment, is that it can reproduce a diversity of sounds, many of them similar to those of other devices (guitar, piano, drums, etc.), so it is widely used in different musical genres, such as: classical music, electronics, rap, rock, and jazz.

Learning to play the keyboard is not very difficult, like the other instruments it requires perseverance and a lot of practice, but by achieving it, you will be a key piece in any band.

Basic Music Course: Keyboard Course

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

First Steps in Keyboard

Stephen Mugglin

Keyboard Basics

Starling Jones, Jr.

Keyboard Handbook

Andersonstown Music School

Well, this was our collection of Books to Learn to Play the Piano in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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