20+ Learn to Play the Guitar Books for Free! [PDF]

The first lesson in the books to learn to play the guitar is to get to know each characteristic of this instrument.

If you are interested, and you want to learn how to play guitar you have to know the strings and each element that conforms it to make its use easier. You must learn to tune the guitar, to know how to clean it, or how to change the strings, because it is also very important when playing guitar.

There are two recommended ways to tune your guitar, one is by ear, and the other way is with a clip-on tuner.

Nowadays new ways and trends have emerged to help you in your guitar lessons, some of them are in our free books. As you learn the notes and techniques to play your guitar, you need to learn how to read sheet music.

Another way to read the musical forms is with the tablature, although it will take you a few readings and lessons to get used to its use. It is good that before you focus on learning chords, you play a few notes on the guitar.

You will realize that there are many easy songs that you know and that you can use to learn to play the guitar. These make it easier for you to progress quickly and constantly, even more so if you know them by heart. Keeping in constant study and practice ensures a quite remarkable development in the use of the guitar.

Below we present our collection of more than 20 books to learn to play the guitar in PDF format where you will find manuals for beginners, intermediate and experts.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Learn to Play the Guitar Books:

1) The Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Guitar

Jazz Guitar Online

2) Guitar Virtuosity for the Everyday Man

Sean Clancy

3) Guitar Songbook

MIT Media Lab

4) Guitar Seminar Volume 1

Mike Sult

5) The Beatles Complete Songbook

Sergio Palumbo

6) Reading Music for The Rock House Method for Reading Music Notation

John McCarthy

7) Guitar Chords For Beginners

Mike Kennedy

8) Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Don Bunch

9) Learn and master guitar

Steven Krenz

10) Toque Flamenco: The Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco Chuck Keyser

11) The History of the Guitar

Júlio Ribeiro Alves

12) Jazz Guitar - Chord Dictionay

Dirk Laukens

13) The Basic Jazz Guitar Chord Book

Dirk Laukens

14) The Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart

Dirk Laukens

15) Chord Progression Handbook

Bill Matney & Brenna Niemuth

16) Rob's Totally Awesome Christmas Carol Song book

Rob Hampton

17) The 16 Most Important Guitar Chords (Power Point Presentation)

Joshua Espinosa

18) Finally A Simple Chord Book

Henry Olsen

19) Guitar all in one for dummies


20) Jingle Bells Guitar Chords and Tabs (Article)

Tom Fontana

21) Tabs 4 Acoustic - Chords Chart (Article)


Here ends our selection of free books in PDF formato for learning how to play the guitar. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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