15+ Topography Books for Free! [PDF]

We present a collection that we are sure is much awaited by our reading community. It is about books on topography in PDF format, a selection of invaluable and downloadable material, so that you can carry out your studies on this important discipline.

Our selection of books on topography gathers the best of the digital bibliography, of public domain that you can find on the Internet. The best titles on this subject are in this section.

Topography is defined as the science or discipline that is in charge of studying the surface of a terrain and then, with the information collected, to elaborate the corresponding topographic maps.

The origin of topography is not very clear, but many authors place it in the 16th century, with the creation of geographical charts. It is also often associated with the creation of private property. 

The truth is that great civil works have been built thanks to topography, as is the case of the great roads of the world and hydroelectric dams, which were a breakthrough in power generation. Therefore, topography is related to the progress and growth of cities.

In its study three branches or divisions are distinguished, namely:

Geodesy: it is in charge of representing graphically the terrestrial surface, understanding it as a great set of surfaces.

Surveying: it is in charge of measuring the distances of the terrestrial surface, that is to say, of measuring the different areas and their delimitation.

Classical topography: it is in charge of obtaining the proportions of a physical space, by means of mathematical calculations and using an abstract system of spherical coordinates.

If you want to continue deepening in everything related to this subject, we invite you to take a look at these more than 15 books of topography in PDF format that we leave to you in this section to download them immediately.

Here we present our complete selection of Topography books:

1) Topography

Bob Stowe

2) Chapter 1 Map Study and Interpretation

Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University Palampur

3) Reading Topographic Maps and Making Calculations

Honolulu Community College

4) Topographic Surveying

International Hydrographic Organization

5) Glossaries of BLM Surveying and Mapping Terms

Bureau of Land Management

6) Module

Government College of Engineering Keonjhar

7) Interpretation of Topographical Map


8) Lab 1 An Introduction to Topographic Maps

Colorado State University

9) Chapter 3 Surveying Equipment Measurements and Errors

Washington State Department of Transportation

10) Automated Analysis and Classification of Landforms Using High Resolution Digital Elevation Data Applications and Issues

R A Mac Millan,T C Martin,T J Earle

11) Fundamentals of Surveying Theory and Samples Exercises (Presentation)

Yuji Murayama,Surantha Dassanayake

12) Modern Surveying Instruments (Presentation)

Vedprakash marlapalle

13) Reading Topographic Maps (Article)

Boris Vasilev

14) How to Read Topography Maps and Delineate Watershed Boundaries (Presentation)

Lorraine Joubert

15) Measurements and Errors (Article)

Wyoming Department of Transportation

16) How to Read a Topographical Map (Presentation)

Natural Resources Conservation Service

17) Automatic Interpretation of Raster Based Topographic Maps

Bastian Graeff and Alessandro Carosio

18) Latitude Longitude and Topographic Maps Reading Supplement (Article)

Northeastern School District

19) Impacts of Topographical Features and Agricultural Landuse Practices on the Farmlands Damaged by the Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake (Article)

Kazutoshi Hoshikawas,Yusaku Yoshida

20) Creating Topographic Profiles (Article)

Orange Water Atlas University of South Florida

Here ends our selection of free Topography books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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