10+ Criminalistics Books for Free! [PDF]

The study of criminality is a broad subject that encompasses various disciplines and professions. On this occasion, we present this selection of books on criminalistics in PDF format, which we have made with the intention of providing quality information on this important subject for any country and society.

The resolution of crime is achieved through a set of procedures and techniques that require scientific input and deep knowledge of the area. Therefore, we invite you to begin to familiarize yourself with its terms, principles and methods thanks to this collection of criminalistics books in PDF format.

Criminalistics is the auxiliary science of Criminal Law that is responsible for explaining how a crime occurred. To do this, it reconstructs the facts based on a set of scientific knowledge and techniques, with which important data can be found and also the culprit or culprits of the crime.

Different agencies, such as the police and the judiciary, rely on criminalistics to solve crime cases. In turn, this discipline relies on other disciplines that help it to carry out procedures for the reconstruction of the facts and the authorship of the crime.

Among these methods and disciplines that help criminalistics to achieve its objectives are: forensic medicine, forensic ballistics, dactyloscopy (study of fingerprints), forensic genetics, forensic toxicology, forensic pathology, computer forensics, forensic anthropology, documentoscopy (study of documents that are part of a criminal investigation), forensic photography, forensic graphology, forensic dentistry, forensic art (spoken portrait).

There is a branch of criminalistics called “field criminalistics” which deals with the study and description of the place where the criminal events occurred.

Do not delay in consulting our more than 10 books of criminalistics in PDF format, all of them downloadable for free and immediately on your electronic devices.

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Here we present our complete selection of Criminalistics Books:

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Stidham Reconstruction

Human Rights Professionals and the Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Core International Crimes

Morten Bergsmo,William H Wiley

Criminal Investigations

Gustavo Palmieri

The Evidential Value of Crime Scene Investigation in Child Rape Cases

Theo Coetzee

Collection and Preservation of Evidence

Salisbury University Universities in Maryland

Criminal Investigation Criminalistics in Europe State of the Art and a Look to the Future (Article)

Darko Maver

Homicide Investigation Standard Operating Procedures

John M Howell

Evidence Collection Manual

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Crime Scene Safety Manual

Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Office

Crime Scene Procedures (Article)

National Forensic Science Technology Center at Florida International University

The Crime Scene (Presentation)

Magoffin County Schools

Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory Forensic Services Guide

Captain Kevin Marcel

Collection of Fiber and Hair Evidence (Article)

The Official Website of the State of Indiana

Here ends our selection of free Criminalistics books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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