20+ YouTubers Books for Free! [PDF]

Today, YouTubers’ books are of great influence to audiences of all ages with the need to educate themselves in the ways of communication in this increasingly digital world.

YouTubers books educate mainly teenagers, in addition to other people of different ages, becoming the topic of conversation that gave a social impact. All this information continues to revolutionize the different forms of communication through the web.

Generating viral content to millions and millions of followers or fans, YouTubers have suddenly entered the lives of a large number of people.

Here we bring you selected information extracted about YouTubers for you to see and understand that times have changed more than you think, and thus, you can know and learn more about this trend that is leaving much to talk about today.

Living or being like a YouTuber has become the ambition and dream of many people who use social networks quite often, however, to achieve it is unknown the work behind the curtain to build influences with a personal brand that distinguishes you within so much competition.

YouTubers’ books show us how the marketing used by many users of the social network works, this consists of filling you with stories and information that is strictly true, concrete and of great interest.

You will learn how to generate an interaction that draws attention to a personal or collective brand, special information or generate the sale of a specific product.

You will learn techniques to define the organic line of content and social interaction that will help to stay longer within these platforms, ensuring direct contact with the audience.

Thanks to the information contained in our collection of more than 20 YouTubers books in PDF format, it is possible to perform a series of acts with which we can determine the role played by certain digital marketing strategies.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of YouTubers Books:

1) Youtube - Creator Playbook for Brands

Think with Google

Source: Think with Google

2) The influence of YouTubers on teenagers

Wilma Westenberg

Source: University of Twente Student Theses

3) The Ultimate Guide to Growing YouTube Subscribers

Erica Lam

Source: Wondershare Official Website

4) Young & Creative

Ilana Eleá & Lothar Mikos

Source: DiVA

5) Young Kids and Youtube: How Ads, Toys, and Games Dominate Viewing

Jenny S. Radesky, Alexandria Schaller, Samantha L. Yeo

Source: Cloudfront

6) Be a YouTuber

Thomas J. Balos

Source: Community Access Media – Erie PA

7) Top 5 Steps to Profit From Youtube Videos

Andy Slye

Source: Channel Empire

8) The YouTuber: A Qualitative Study of Popular Content Creators

Mattias Holmbom

Source: DiVA

9) Youtube Basics for Journalists

Media Impact Project

Source: Media Impact Project

10) The food chain of YouTubers: engaging audiences with formats and genres

Marju Himma-Kadakas, Allan Rajavee, Maarja-Liis Orgmets, Linda Eensaar and Ragne Kõuts-Klem

Source: Scientific Electronic Library Online

11) YouTube Marketing - Legality of Sponsorship and Endorsement in Advertising

Katrina Wu

Source: Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek

12) My Videos are at the Mercy of the YouTube Algorithm: How Content Creators Craft Algorithmic Personas and Perceive the Algorithm that Dictates their Work

Emily Pedersen

Source: University of California, Berkeley

13) YouTube Channel Free Guide


Source: Squarespace

14) The Youtubers Phenomenon: What makes Youtube Stars so Popular for Young People?

Sara Pereira, Pedro Moura, Joana FILLOL

Source: ResearchGate

15) Tips & Tricks on How to Increase Views and Rankings for your Online Videos

Kubix Digital

Source: Kubix Digital

16) YouTubers videos and the construction of adolescent identity

Vanesa Pérez-Torres, Yolanda Pastor-Ruiz, Sara Abarrou Ben-Boubaker

Source: US Department of Education

17) What Drives the Growth of YouTube Measuring and Analyzing the Evolution Dynamics of YouTube Video Uploads (Article)

Golshan Golnari, Yanhua Li, Zhi-Li Zhang

Source: Wpmu

18) Become a Youtuber (Article)

Jetset Sound

Source: Jetset Sound

19) Using YouTube to create and post videos into your course (Article)

Arizona State University

Source: Arizona State University

20) 10 Tips for a Successful YouTube Channel (Article)

Etna Interactive: Best Medical Practice Marketing Companies

Source: Etna Interactive

21) How to Create and Upload a Power Point Presentation in YouTube and Upload to Blackboard (Article)

Angela Robbins

Source: University Of Cincinnati

22) How YouTube Developed into a Successful Platform for User-Generated Content (Article)

Margaret Holland

Source: Elon University

23) Myths About Youtubers Users (Article)

Google APIs

Source: Google APIs

Here ends our selection of free Youtubers books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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