15+ Tourism Books for Free! [PDF]

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If you are exploring the travel business and are interested in learning how the industry works, you can start with our collection of tourism books in PDF format. You will be able to have some basic knowledge and the first exploratory approaches to this fascinating sector of the economy.

This is a collection elaborated for all those interested in developing their business projects in this area, that is why we present it to you with enthusiasm because we know that with these tourism books in PDF format, you can start planning the realization of that idea.

There are places that seem to have no other purpose than to receive visitors and that is where the tourism industry acts to improve the experience. To do this, it must take into account some aspects such as capital, tourism resources, technology and human resources that must be present to make tourism a reality.

There are many reasons why people decide to travel to different places on the planet. Consequently, the types of tourism that are carried out can be evidenced. Below we will detail some of them:

Cultural tourism: the visitor wants to know much more about the history and culture of the place they are traveling to, so they will give priority to museums, temples, monuments and places where they can share openly with the locals.

Shopping tourism: the tourists plan their trip to buy goods they need for personal use, gifts or business. Priority is given to visits to shopping malls, markets and stores.

Business tourism: the visitor intends to establish commercial relations for the company they represent. It is characterized by visits to large cities, with a lot of commercial movement.

Vacation tourism: the tourist plans a family or individual vacation to enjoy, rest and relax. Preference is given to places that offer many indoor and outdoor activities, visits to parks, museums, excursions.

Rural tourism: it is related to visits to natural environments and the visitor performs activities related to the sector.

Take a look at these more than 15 tourism books in PDF format and take your first steps in this interesting world.

Here we present our complete selection of Tourism books:

Introduction to Tourism

Old Link

Introduction and Historical Development of Tourism

Dr. Ramjit

Tourism Concept and Types of Tourism

Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar College

Tourism System Components Elements and Models


The Evolution of Alternative Forms of Tourism a Theoretical Background

Triarchi Ei,Karamanis K

Adventure Tourism

Rannva Samuelsen, Gunvor Riber Larsen

Adventure Tourism

Anshay Singh

Cultural Tourism Concerning the Definition

Armin Mikos V Rohrscheid

Cultural Tourism The Success Story

Mrs Gail Dexter Lord

Globalization of Cultural Tourism

Salto Youth

Sustainable Tourism Development

Iwona Niedziolka

Alternative Tourism and Sustainable Development in the Small Island Caribbean Case Study of Dominica West Indies

Katerina Prochazkova

Is the Concept of Sustainable Tourism Sustainable

Lucian Cernat,Julien Gourdon

Tourism Sustainability in Archaeological Sites

E-Prints Complutense

Tourism and Archaeological Heritage

Douglas C Comer,Willem J H Willems

The Impacts of Tourism Industry on Host Community

Mansour Esmaeil Zaei, Mahin Esmaeil Zaei

A System Model of Sport Tourism with Implications for Research

Kuan Chou Chen,David L Groves,Julie Lengfelder

Archaeology and Tourism (Article)

Government of Tamil Nadu

Defining Cultural Tourism (Article)

Seyed Sina Mousavi,Naciye Doratli,Seyed Nima Mousavi

Cultural Tourism Development Scope and Prospects (Article)

Petya Ivanova

Here ends our selection of free Tourism books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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