15+ Agronomy Books for Free! [PDF]

Land, crops, agriculture and livestock are always topics of great value to any country. If you are interested in studying this area of knowledge, it is imperative that you start with our agronomy PDF books, with relevant content on this subject and which will be very useful in your research.

The cultivation of the land and the process of animal husbandry is crucial to the economy of many nations, forming the basis of their development. To delve into this world, we invite you to review this selection of agronomy books in PDF format, where you will find its fundamental principles and most important basic concepts.

Agronomy is a set of techniques and knowledge applied to crop development. However, it is nourished by other sciences and favors the exploitation of agriculture and livestock. However, it should not be confused with either of these two disciplines.

Formally, it was established as a profession and field of study in the 19th century in Europe and the United States. It has undergone an interesting evolution thanks to technological advances, such as the use of biotechnology, which has given way to genetically modified organisms; or biostimulant technology, which, as its name suggests, stimulates biological processes.

The main objective of agronomy is human intervention in nature to satisfy its basic needs. It also aims to improve the different factors involved in the production process, such as soils, product development, sustainable production, plants, crops and quality of life in the field, among others.

If you want to be part of agricultural development, this collection of more than 15 agronomy books in PDF format will be of great use to you. Remember that you can download them for free and quickly from this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Agronomy books:

A Beginning Farmer's Guide to Agriculture Words, Terms and Definitions

Mitchell Mote, Andrew P. Griffth and Kevin Rose

Environmental Best Management Practices for Agronomic Crops

Brian D. LeBlanc, Ron E. Sheffield and John Kruse

Food and Agriculture: The Future of Sustainability

Daniele Giovannucci,Sara Scherr,Danielle Nierenberg

Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural Meteorology

Health Recovery Solutions Academy

Crop Production Guide Agriculture

Shri Gagandeep Singh Bedi,N Kumar

Benefits of Nitrogen for Food, Fibre and Industrial Production

Lars Stoumann Jensen,Jan K Schjoerring,Klaas W van der Hoek

An Introduction to Agriculture and Agronomy

Books Library

Agriculture and Food Management

India Budget

Relationship between Environmental Impacts and Modern Agriculture

Hosam E A F Bayoumi Hamuda,Istvan Patko

Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Technologies

Katherine Killebrew,Hendrik Wolff

Environmental Issues in Modern Agriculture

Center for Agroecology UC Santa Cruz

Food Security and Food Production Systems

John R Porter,Andrew J Challinor,Netra Chhetr

Basic Terms Sustainable Agriculture and Farming System (Presentation)

Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University

Precision Agriculture and its Benefits (Presentation)

Craige Mackenzie

Environment and Agriculture (Article)

IrishAid Department of Foreign Affairs

Introductory Agriculture (Article)

Indian Council of Agricultural Research

Agriculture and Health Through Food Safety and Nutrition (Article)

World Health Organization

Agriculture and Food Security The IAEA Contribution (Article)

International Atomic Energy Agency

Here ends our selection of free Agronomy books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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