15+ Environmental Pollution Books for Free! [PDF]

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The interaction of human beings with the planet has developed in a detrimental way, especially since the period of the industrial revolution, being a problem that afflicts us to this day. In order for our community to better understand this issue and can see its scope, we have created a collection of books on environmental pollution in PDF format.

This is a crucial issue that new generations are becoming aware of. This is evidenced by the environmental movements that are organizing around the world to achieve consensus and policies to reduce the environmental impact that has been generated. The selection of books on environmental pollution is a way to contribute to this cause.

Environmental pollution can be defined as the appearance and presence of toxic or harmful agents to the environment, whether of physical, biological or chemical origin. These polluting agents represent a threat to the life of all organisms that inhabit the planet, including humans.

It is no secret that the main source of environmental pollution is the different human activities that do not take into account the health of the environment.

Some of the main reasons why this phenomenon is of increasing concern are as follows: the exploration of non-renewable energies, the processing of fossil fuels, the emission of gases by automobiles, the cutting down and burning of trees, the excessive disposal of plastic and other materials that take many years to biodegrade. 

This has had consequences that endanger countless species and ecosystems. One of these consequences is global warming, which is one of the greatest threats to the planet.

Stay and take a look at the more than 15 books on environmental pollution in PDF format and enjoy studying this topic so relevant to everyone. You can download them from this section easily and totally free of charge.

Environmental Pollution books


The University Grants Commission

Environment Pollution

Peter M Haas

Environmental Pollution

Shivaji College University of Delhi

Environmental pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air

Tamil Nadu Agricultural Universit

Prevention and Control of Pollution

Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh

Environmental Pollution Control Measures

Japan International Cooperation Agency

Environmental Pollution - Control Measures

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University

Air Pollution Control Engineering

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya

Environmental Pollution (Presentation)

Arignar Anna Government Arts and Science College

Environmental Pollution books for Children

Environmental Education Trainer's Guide for Nature Conservation

Michael Matarasso, Nguyen Viet Dung

Plastic Pollution Curriculum and Activity Guide

Pennsylvania Sea Grant Penn State

The Health Effects of Air Pollution on Children

Michael T Kleinman

Environmental Activities for Youth Clubs and Camps

Peace Corps

Play, Learn and Have Fun!

Bologna Declaration

Effective Approaches to Connect Children With Nature (Presentation)

Carla Wilson

Environmental Education of Children in Early Education From the Perspective of Modern Challenges and Threats (Article)

Malgorzata Falkiewicz Szult

Engaging Primary Students With the Issue of Air Pollution Through Citizen Science: Lessons to be Learnt (Article)

Diana Varaden, Heather King, Elizabeth Rushton

Doing your bit (Article)

Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Investigating Environmental Pollution and Student's Solutions (Article)

Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization

Here ends our selection of free Environmental Pollution books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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