15+ Sad Books for Free! [PDF]

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The history of mankind is full of sad events. Our own personal life is composed, in part, of sad events that have marked us. Literature, which is framed in a historical-social and also personal context, is no exception.

Here we present a collection of sad books in PDF format, emblematic literary works that left their mark.

Who can forget Romeo and Juliet? That sad love story that since its appearance has been part of the collective imagination, decade after decade. That is just one of the fascinating titles of our selection of sad books in PDF format, there are many more that will not only make you cry and move you, but also teach you great lessons.

And the fact is that sadness has a purpose in everyone’s life. Many may wonder why people read sad books. The answer is simple, although it is not always easy to understand. We are used to overvaluing joy and undervaluing sadness. But sadness has a purpose.

If it were not for sad moments, we would hardly be able to understand what has happened to us, to process the pain and the learning that the sad experience has brought us as a gift. Life needs ups and downs to balance itself, otherwise we would miss moments that, although full of sadness, are also important and create our identity.

That is the best description we can make of these books that we present to you in this section, they are loaded with much meaning and, not in vain, many of them have become classics of literature.

We know you will do very well reading this selection of more than 15 sad books in PDF format, available for immediate download and totally free access. Go into the titles that most catch your attention and enjoy all that our works have to offer.

Here we present our complete selection of Sad books:

The Age of Innocence

Edith Wharton




Jean Toomer

The Enchanted April

Elizabeth Von Arnim

The Inimitable Jeeves

P G Wodehouse

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Anita Loos

Mrs Dalloway

Virginia Woolf

All Quiet on the Western Front

Erich Maria Remarque

Orlando A Biography

Virginia Woolf

To the Lighthouse

Virginia Woolf

The Masqueraders

Georgette Heyer

Lady Chatterley's Lover

D H Lawrence

White Nights

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The Sorrows of Young Werther

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe pdf


William Shakespeare

Los miserables

Victor Hugo

Anna Karenina

León Tolstói

A Room of One's Own

Virginia Woolf

The Velveteen Rabbit

Margery Williams

Here ends our selection of free Sad books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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