+20 Free Sales Books [PDF]



To offer you another select list of free books, we’ve chosen a topic of wide scope in today’s world. We refer to sales. This is the focus theme of our work today.

We have compiled for you, books in PDF format to expand your knowledge about sales.

The word sales has several definitions depending on the field in which it is applied. In general, we can say that sales is an exchange of goods or services for money. In the legal area, we speak of a transfer of the right to possess an asset, for money. In the accounting and finance sector, it is the total amount acquired for the provision of services or products

No matter the case, sales are the central axis of every business. It is the essential action of any commercial operation.

Some consider sales to be a kind of art based on persuasion. For others, it is a science based on a methodological approach, in which certain steps must be followed to get the potential client to agree to acquire the service or product offered.

Our sales book list consists of more than 20 publications in PDF format. They all contain important and useful information on the subject.

Furthermore, we have included books in Spanish and Portuguese so that you can enjoy reading in either of these languages, if you wish.

All the books on our list have been released for free publication or are in the public domain.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Sales books:

#1. Powerful Selling author Lardbucket.org | Source: Lardbucket
#2. Sales management. An overview author Surinder Singh | Source: Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology
#3. Salesmanship Study Material author Central Board of Secondary Education: Academics
| Source: CBSE Academic
#4. Always Be Closing: The ABC’s of Sales in the Modern Era author Microsoft Dynamics | Source: OTT, Inc.
#5. The Best Sales Books: Summarized author Hubspot Inbound Marketing, sales and service software | Source: HubSpot
#6. The Art of Sales author Gulliver Giles | Source: The 8 Percent
#7. 101 Ways to Succeed in Selling author Greg Gore | Source: The Greg Gore Web Site on Computers and the Internet
#8. Personal selling and sale management author The University of Texas at Dallas | Source: The University of Texas at Dallas
#9. Sales Tips and Strategies author Community Futures Saskatchewan | Source: Community Futures Saskatchewan
#10. Marketing & Sales Students Handbook author CBSE Academic | Source: CBSE Academic
#11. Sales Planning author Frank Atkinson | Source: Origin Training Centre
#12. Selling Secrets author Mississippi State University | Source: Mississippi State University


#13. Modern Business author Alexander Hamilton Institute New York | Source: UMass Lowell Library
#14. 100 Ways To Improve Your Sales Success author Sean Mcpheat | Source: The Sales Training Consultancy UK

Telephone Sales Books:

#15. Telephone Techniques author Trainersnotes.com | Source: trainersnotes.com
#16. Sales Scripts That Sell author Teri Kwal Gamble, Michael W. Gamble | Source: Semantic Scholar

Car Sales Books:

#17. The ultimate sales training guide author Hubspot Inbound Marketing, sales and service software
| Source: HubSpot

Cross-Selling Books:

#18. Cross selling and upselling eBook author Phocas Software Business Intelligence and data analytics | Source: Phocas Software

Multi-Level Sales Books:

#19. The case (for and) against multi-level marketing author Jon M. Taylor | Source: Center for Inquiry: CFI
#20. Multi-level marketing as a business model author Bogdan Gregor, Aron-Axel Wadlewski | Source: icm UW
#21. Structure and characteristics of network marketing businesses author Elina Oksanen | Source: Semantic Scholar

Insurance Sales Books:

#22. Effective Selling Skills in Life Insurance Sales author Benjamin K. Ofili | Source: Semantic Scholar

KPI for Sales Books:

#23. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – Definition and Action author Jacques Warren | Source: Kwantyx
#24. Key Performance Indicators author Intrafocus | Source: Intrafocus

Consultative Sales Books:

#25. Consultative selling skills author Harrison Consulting | Source: Harrison Consulting

Here ends our selection of free Sales books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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