+15 Free Anthropology Books [PDF]



To continue expanding our digital library, we have created a list of free books on Anthropology. Each selected text is in PDF format so that you can access the books of your choice, in a practical and easy way.

What we know as Anthropology is a social science that studies all aspects of the nature of man.

Anthropology is dedicated to the study of phenomena related to the human being, so it considers ancient, original and present societies. This science covers the evolution of the human species, the diversity of ethnicities, the diversity of cultures, social customs and beliefs, and the processes of transformation, among many other aspects.

Studies on society, human beings and their behavior date back to classical antiquity through the thoughts of the great philosophers, mainly the Greek Herodotus, considered the father of history and anthropology.

There were also the stories of travelers, traders and missionaries, who told about the customs of the natives of the new lands, following the voyages of Columbus and other navigators around the world.

From the 18th century onwards, research in the social and cultural sphere gained ground. However, Anthropology as a science originated in the second half of the 19th century.

Our list consists of more than 15 books on Anthropology in PDF format. All books are in the public domain or have been made available for free distribution.

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Here we present our complete selection of Anthropology books:

1) Cultural Anthropology

Autor: Wikimedia Commons

Fuente: Wikimedia Commons

2) Perspectives -An Open Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Autor: Nina Brown, Thomas McIlwraith, Laura Tubelle de González

Fuente: American Anthropological Association

3) Classic Concepts in Anthropology

Autor: Valerio Valeri

Fuente: OAPEN: Online Library and Publication Platform

4) The Art of Being Human: A Textbook for Cultural Anthropology

Autor: Michael Wesch

Fuente: New Prairie Press at Kansas State University

5) Social Anthropology

Autor: Dr. Sara Neena. T.T., Dr.N.P.Hafiz Mohamad

Fuente: University of Calicut

6) An Anthropology of Anthyropology

Autor: Rob Borofsky

Fuente: Center for a Public Anthropology

7) Philosophical Anthropology

Autor: Jim Ijenwa UNAH

Fuente: National Open University of Nigeria

8) Research Ethics in Ethnography/Anthropology

Autor: Dr Ron Iphofen AcSS

Fuente: European Commission

9) Anthropology and the Study of Culture

Autor: Higher Education

Fuente: Higher Education

10) Where is Anthropology Going

Autor: University of California, Berkeley

Fuente: University of California, Berkeley


11) Anthropology and Environmental policy

Autor: Susan Charnley And William H. Durham

Fuente: US Forest Service

12) Anthropology at the Time of the Anthropocene-a personal view of what is to be studied

Autor: Bruno Latour

Fuente: Bruno Latour

13) Urban Anthropology

Autor: Giuliana B. Prato and Italo Pardo

Fuente: Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems

14) Applied and Academic Anthropology in Development- Distance or Engagement?

Autor: Joana Gomes Cardoso

Fuente: Dialnet – Universidad de La Rioja

15) Anthropology and development -the uneasy relationship-

Autor: David Lewis

Fuente: London School of Economics

16) Why anthropology matters

Autor: European Association of Social Anthropologists: EASA

Fuente: European Association of Social Anthropologists

17) Anthropology, Health and Illness- an Introduction to the Concept of Culture Applied to the Health Sciences (Article)

Autor: Esther Jean Langdon, Flávio Braune Wiik

Fuente: SciELO – Brasil

18) About Anthropology (Article)

Autor: University of Florida

Fuente: University of Florida

19) Anthropology – An Introduction to Estudy of Man and Civilization

Autor: Edward B. Taylor

Fuente: Monoskop

20) A Possible Anthropology Methods for Uneasy Times

Autor: Anand Pandian

Fuente: Duke University Press

Here ends our selection of free Anthropology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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