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At InfoBooks we have given ourselves the task of offering you business and investment books in PDF format, because we know that it is among your priorities to be financially free. The truth, in the last decades, has become one of the most relevant topics in the world. And it doesn’t look like this trend is going to change in the years to come.

If you’re looking for business and investment books in PDF format, you’ve come to the right place. That’s precisely what we’ve worked so hard to do for you: collect a wide range of general topics, with their subtopics, and make the related books available to you completely free of charge.

There are more and more people who are interested in starting their own business. What is the reason for this interesting phenomenon? Without a doubt, technological innovations such as the Internet have taken over the massification of information and, today, half the planet is connected, learning about business, investments and many other subjects.

This easy access to information has given millions of people the opportunity to understand that the solution to economic scarcity is to have a business and learn how to invest the money we make. That is thanks to great entrepreneurs, investors and millionaires who have captured in hundreds of pages all their experience, wisdom and knowledge. Today there are many more who want to learn from Kiyosaki, Trump, Bezos or Buffet, because they have seen them succeed and be free.

What we present here is a wide search of books about business and investments in PDF format, which will teach you from the most basic concepts, to the most complex ones. They will give you the perfect formula to make your money grow exponentially, through the creation of companies and the game of investments, which as you already know have their science and not just anyone masters them. Knowing how to invest or run companies are complex economic activities that deserve research and study before they are launched.

With our business and investment books in PDF format you will have invaluable information, you will learn from those who know best and you will be guided with a firm step towards success. Every science or art requires mastery, and every mastery begins with curiosity. If you are one of those curious people, you will want to keep on surfing our website and satiate it, of that we have no doubt. Because this is only satisfied when we get the object of our desire, to get it, in this case, you must start by studying it.

Although reading about business and investments will not make you a millionaire overnight, it will help you fertilize the land. It allows you to move more confidently towards putting its fundamental principles into practice and is the beginning of a journey full of adventure.

Are you ready?



Accounting is the part of finance that studies the different items that reflect the economic and financial movements of a company or entity.

It is a key tool to know in which situation and conditions a company is and, with this documentation, to be able to establish the necessary strategies in order to improve its economic performance. For example, if we buy wood to manufacture chairs we will have to account for that purchase to know how much we have, how much it has cost, who the seller is, when we bought it, etc. All this and more is accounted for.

Accounting is a resource that is available to manage a company’s expenses and income. Any company in the development of its activity carries out operations of purchase, sale, financing as a result of these activities its patrimony varies and it obtains a benefit or a loss.

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Business Administration is classified as a social, economic and technical science whose primary objective is to achieve the maximum possible benefit for an organization according to the defined objectives; through planning, organization, management and control of available resources (human, financial, technological, material, etc.).

The professional of the Business Administration must be an individual with vision, capable of putting into practice and developing all its notions about the planning, organization, direction and control of companies, to achieve the goals and purposes defined by the entity.

Likewise, as an administrator you must possess the decision-making capacity to effectively guide the company, and to effectively use the resources you have at your disposal. All this with the sole purpose of achieving the main objectives such as the generation of economic and social value, innovation, and competitiveness.

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The strategic management is the way in which an organization defines how it will create value. It is about what to do and how to do it. It defines the objectives of the company and the actions and resources to be employed to meet those objectives.

The proposed strategy may be the best bet of the company’s management, but nothing fully guarantees its success, since organizations and their environment are in constant motion. This does not mean that a long-term strategy should not be drawn up. It does, but does not mean simply looking at the horizon. You must move forward by stepping on the ground and seeing what is happening in the immediate environment.

A business strategy is a methodology that seeks to achieve an objective through an action plan that is broken down into strategic objectives for each functional area of the company. For this, along with establishing the strategic objectives, it is necessary to estimate time frames for action, monitoring indicators, goals and those responsible.

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Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media. All the techniques of the off-line world are imitated and translated into a new world, the online world. In the digital world new tools appear such as immediacy, the new networks that arise every day, and the possibility of real measurements of each of the strategies used.

Parallel to the tremendous development and evolution of digital technology, digital marketing has been experiencing, progressively and very quickly, profound changes both in the techniques and tools used (and in their complexity) and in the possibilities offered to the receivers.

That’s why a digital strategy must include all relevant spaces where the target interacts, seeking to influence opinions and opinion makers, improving the positioning in search engines, and analyzing the information that these media provide to optimize the performance of the actions taken.

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5) Dropshipping Books


Dropshipping is a method of shipping and delivering retail orders in which it is not necessary for the store to have the products it sells in stock. Instead, when the store sells a product, it buys it from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.

The major difference between dropshipping and the traditional sales model is that the merchant who sells does not have an inventory. Instead, the merchant buys inventory from a third party as orders need to be fulfilled. This third party is usually a wholesaler or even the manufacturer of the product itself.

As to whether or not this method of selling is worthwhile, just to say that while it has very clear advantages, it also comes with a number of complexities and problems that require careful planning to make the business prosper.

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Economics is understood as the science of social character in charge of studying the way to administer the available resources to satisfy the needs of the people. It also studies the behavior of individuals.

In general terms, Economy refers to the organization of the use of limited or finite resources, when they are used to meet the needs of individuals or a community.

Since the resources available to our planet are scarce, not everything can be disposed of, so we find ourselves in the need to manage those goods to obtain what we are lacking. The economy encompasses the decision making of individuals, organizations and countries to allocate those limited resources.

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7) Entrepreneur Books


Entrepreneurship is much more than opening a business or launching a project. Entrepreneurship is launching yourself, making ideas happen, betting, getting excited, fearing failure, growing, advancing, not standing still, falling, getting up, having uncertainty, wishing the days had 35 hours, tasting the achievements and coping with the difficulties.

It all starts when you identify an unmet need and come up with an ingenious idea to transform a product or provide a service. If that idea can be marketed, we identify who we can sell it to and how to get revenue from it, then we have a potential business.

Entrepreneurship is a long and complicated road, which brings wonderful experiences, but also very difficult situations to face. You need to be willing to work without a break to make your dreams come true, to sacrifice essential parts of your daily life for it and to keep on insisting no matter what.

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8) Finances Books


Finance corresponds to an area of ​​the economy that studies the obtaining and management of money and capital, that is, financial resources. It studies both the obtaining of these resources (financing), as well as the investment and saving of them.

The study of finance has developed tools (such as basic concepts and quantitative models) that can be applied at all levels of decision-making: from renting a car or starting a business, to the decision of the CFO of a company. Big company

Finance can be divided into four large groups: Corporate Finance, Personal Finance, Public Finance, and International Finance.

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We know as Financial Management to that administration in charge of planning, directing, organizing and controlling the financial resources of a company or enterprise.

This type of administration is required by large, medium and small organizations, because it is essential for the proper performance and development of the company. It is of vital importance that you have solid knowledge regarding the administration of your financial resources, at the end of the day the correct management of your finances can be the difference between success and failure.

Among the main functions of the Financial Management we can mention

• Decide on the company’s investments.
• Be responsible for the type of financing the company uses.
• To seek and find sources of funding for the organization.
• Analyze the new possibilities for the company in terms of progress, as well as the respective budget.
• Carefully analyze the risk in each financial action of the organization.

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In an organization, Human Resources refers to the function or department belonging to the management and administration of companies, which is responsible for organizing and maximizing the performance of workers, with the aim of increasing productivity.

Outside the context of the function or department of an organization, it refers to human capital; that is, the personnel working in the company. This is a very important issue since at the end of the day people are what make the organization successful.

On the other hand, Human Resources management also refers to the fundamental practices and policies for managing personnel relations, their needs, the selection of candidates, the implementation of training programs, incentives, salaries, benefits and communication between the company’s workers.

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International Trade, also known as «World Trade» or «Foreign Trade», is defined as the mobility of both goods and services through the markets of different countries. This trade is carried out using foreign currencies and is regulated by additional norms, established by the markets participating in the negotiation and by the governments of their nations of origin.

During the execution of operations within the framework of International Trade, the countries involved benefit, since they can better position their products or services, while entering the markets of other nations. When internationalizing your company, the knowledge about Foreign Trade is mandatory, without the correct instruction it is not possible to be successful.

From its history and creation, through its regulations, the acronyms of World Trade, to the evolution of it using technology as a tool, are some of the topics that you can learn in depth by consulting the books of International Trade that we chose for you.

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12) Investment Books


Investments are placements of capital in certain activities that can be commercial or civil, in order to achieve an economic return. Anyone who has some money can invest and seek with this, obtain greater long-term profits.

Every investment involves both risk and opportunity. It is a risk because the return of the money we invest is not guaranteed, and it is an opportunity because it can happen that the money invested is multiplied.

Knowing if an investment is better than another or others is something frankly difficult. In essence, it will depend on the preferences of each investor. Some will consider that a profitability of 50% is very good and others will settle for 10%.

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13) Kaizen Books


The Kaizen method is a corporate management system that has the objective of implementing an orientation to the continuous improvement of the processes of its departments.

The Kaizen method aims to maximize production by constantly improving the business productive apparatus, reducing inefficiencies to increase the company’s competitiveness in the market. For this reason it has become a reference in marketing today.

For Kaizen to be effective, one more element must come into play: the 5S. The objective of the “five S” is to introduce both order and discipline in the workplace and contribute both to the elimination of waste within the production system, as well as to improve equipment maintenance tasks and reduce workplace accidents . It is a process of “continuous improvement that involves everyone”.

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What we know as Logistics consists of all those operations that are executed with the idea of making a product arrive at the hands of the consumer, from the place where the raw material is obtained and passing through the production site.

These operations are mainly those related to transport, storage and distribution of products in the market. It is for all this that logistics is considered as an activity external to the manufacture of a product. But bear in mind that it is a key area in business and can be a determining factor in whether or not the marketing of a product is viable.

In summary, the purpose of Logistics is to satisfy the demands in optimal conditions of service, quality and cost.

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What is known today as Marketing is the conglomeration of processes and entities that allow the creation, communication and delivery of offers of exchange of services and goods, which have a value for customers, as well as for businesses and society.

In other words, marketing is an aspect of management that focuses on the communicative orientation of the economic and commercial actions of a group or an individual. That is, it focuses on how to identify and satisfy the needs of the target consumer market. Nowadays, whatever product you want to market, you must apply marketing techniques and guidelines in order to do it successfully.

«Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires. It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and the profit potential».
Philip Kotler

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What is known as Negotiation is an interaction between two or more parties, which focuses on obtaining benefits. And believe me, this is a key piece of business and you must handle it perfectly if you want to succeed.

The objectives of a Negotiation can solve differences, obtain advantages for one of the parties, elaborate results that satisfy diverse interests, improve the current situation, solve problems or agree on a neutral point.

The basic principle of a Negotiation is to leave the parties involved partially satisfied. This shows that the process was executed in the right way, as neither party gets everything they want nor loses everything they have.

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17) Organizational Development Books


It is known as Organizational Development to the set of tools, methods and practices that seek to maintain a proper functioning of an organization. All this by means of dynamic processes and creating a favorable work environment. Usually, this topic is in charge of specialists in organizational psychology, human relations and related areas.

As your company grows, it is important that you acquire knowledge in this area since it will allow you to face the challenges that every company faces when it comes to growth.

The main objectives of Organizational Development are:

• Improve interpersonal competence.
• Minimize tensions.
• Implement more effective team management.
• Improve conflict resolution techniques.
• Establish organic rather than mechanical systems.
• Integrate people’s interests with those of the company.
• Establish more democratic and humane values.
• Decentralize and delegate.

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Project Management is a method of organizing and planning work to achieve the fundamental objectives of any organization. These objectives are productivity, efficiency, cost and time reduction, resource compensation, synergies, order, control, and constant evaluation of results, among many others.

Executing the work by implementing a correct Project Management, implies a considerable advantage if you want to improve the productivity of a company, as well as to obtain optimal working paths for the resources you have. The knowledge you obtain about business administration will allow you to make a rational and appropriate use of your company’s resources.

«Global trends such as competitiveness in organizations, technological changes and re-engineering increase the importance of Project Management processes. Project management is the discipline of successfully managing all necessary resources, which can and should be applied during the life cycle of any project» Dixon

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19) Public Relations Books


Public relations, understood as a management function, is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public.

In this way, they are seen as a systematic, continuous and cyclical process, aimed at solving problems or opportunities in organizations and their environment through communication. Public relations serve to promote products, people, places, ideas, activities, organizations, and even nations.

Every business needs a good reputation to succeed and prosper. As it grows, it becomes increasingly important to excel in the field in which it operates. And although it depends on many factors, such as quality and reliability, public relations are one of the pillars for managing a company’s reputation. It allows you to communicate your brand and its related values in a comprehensive way and also to create narratives about your products and services.

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Quality Control has been established as one of the vital processes in every production process. This is due to the fact that through this control the adequate execution of the processes is guaranteed, and it is certified that the production complies with what was planned.

Currently, this type of control is essential due to the characteristics of the current market, especially as far as competition is concerned. So much so that large organizations have experts, machinery and computer systems to validate what is produced in their factories. The quality of your product or service directly impacts the satisfaction of your customer, if you want satisfied customers you must implement a good quality control system.

Quality Control, although it is much more common in the production market, is also implemented in companies that provide services. In this case, surveys and questionnaires are used, among other mechanisms, to validate customer satisfaction regarding the service received.

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21) Real Estate Books


Real estate refers to the land or delimited land and any structure built there such as apartments, houses, farms or even cottages. It also includes some other aspects found in the area such as natural resources like lakes, trees, gardens or animals.

Nowadays there is a big real estate business, the sale of houses, apartments, farms and so on is in a big boom, people want to own their own home more than ever so as a builder or real estate agency is a pretty lucrative business, but what about the common people, can it be a business for them?

The answer is yes, nowadays many people are buying houses or apartments to offer them as rent, this became an effective way to have a fixed salary without much effort and dedication.

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22) Sales Books


The word sales has several definitions depending on the field in which it is applied. In general, we can say that sales is an exchange of goods or services for money. In the legal area, we speak of a transfer of the right to possess an asset, for money. In the accounting and finance sector, it is the total amount acquired for the provision of services or products.

Regardless of the case, sales are the core of any business. It is the essential action of any commercial operation. And if you want to set up a company, it is one of the areas you have to work on the most.

Some consider sales as a kind of art based on persuasion. For others, it is a science based on a methodological approach, in which certain steps must be followed to get the potential client to agree to acquire the service or product offered.

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23) Six Sigma Books


Six sigma is a work philosophy that was born as a methodology for improvement and solution of complex problems. Its creator was Dr. Mikel Harry, who developed it as a tool to control and decrease the variation in processes. Since then, its concept has evolved through multiple contributions until it has become a philosophy put into practice in the highest performance processes.

The main purpose of the Six sigma is to achieve customer satisfaction, in that order it focuses on understanding their needs, collect information, and through statistical analysis find opportunities for improvement, a consistent improvement.

Perhaps one of the most relevant characteristics of Six sigma and that is strongly contrasted in practice, is that the quality is assured in the processes and not in the inspections. In that order, quality is generated and controlled in the processes; besides this, Six sigma has other principles.

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