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To make it easier for our readers to access information of interest and relevance, we have created a collection of free books about Negotiation.

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The concept of Negotiation indicates that this is a procedure where information and commitments are exchanged, with the purpose of obtaining benefits for the parties involved.

During the negotiation, the interested parties usually handle divergent opinions, and try to reach an agreement that generates benefits for all, by means of promises and formal commitments.

A negotiation usually takes place through dialogues between the parties involved, where each shows an interest in what the other party has or can offer, but does not accept all the conditions. That is why each party tries to get the other to agree to the proposed terms in order to reach a middle ground that benefits everyone.

It is important to emphasize that the objective of a negotiation is the benefit, but this is not always what is obtained as a result. In other words, the negotiation does not have the benefit as an elemental requirement. A negotiation is carried out even if the expected benefit is not obtained.

It is generally believed that negotiation is about reaching an agreement, but this is not the case. The agreement is a means to achieve the goal, which are the benefits.

Our collection of books on negotiation in PDF format is made up of more than 20 texts on the subject. In this selection we include books in Spanish and Portuguese.

All the books on this list are in the public domain or have been released for free distribution.

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Here we present our complete selection of Negotiation books:

#1. Negotiation author Gavin Kennedy | Source: Edinburgh Business School
#2. The Psychology Of Effective Negotiation author FTI Consulting | Source: FTI Consulting
#3. Negotiation strategies and skills in international business author Kosar Mahmoodi | Source: Theseus
#4. Day-to-day negotiation author AIM & Associés | Source: AIM & Associés
#5. Negotiation Theory and Practice author Tanya Alfredson, Azeta Cungu | Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO
#6. Negotiation as the Art of the Deal author Matthew O. Jackson, Hugo F. Sonnenschein, Yiqing Xing, Christis G. Tombazos y Omar Al-Ubaydli | Source: University of Chicago
#7. The Negotiations Process and Structures author Harry C. Katz, Thomas A. Kochan, Alexander Colvin | Source: Cornell University
#8. Classic Negotiation techniques author Charles B. Craver | Source: University of Idaho
#9. Negotiation (Presentation) author Elza Mylona | Source: Upstate Medical University
#10. Mastering the Art of Negotiations (Presentation) author Cheryl Stock | Source: St. Louis Business Travel Association
#11. The Art of Negotiation author PDH Online | Source: PDH Online
#12. Negotiations and Resolving Conflicts: An Overview author E. Wertheim | Source: EUROPARC Federation


#13. Negotiation author Queensland Government | Source: Queensland Government
#14. Negotiation Strategies (Presentation) author Lesley Stolz | Source: Biotechnology Innovation Organization
#15. Basics of Negotiation author J. Alexander Tanford | Source: Maurer School of Law at Indiana University Bloomington
#16. Negotiation author CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants | Source: CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
#17. To Be A Negotiator: Strategies and Tactics author Lazaro Sumbeiywo | Source: ETH Zürich
#18. Negotiation in International Relations author Alexandra García Iragorri | Source: Universidad de La Rioja
#19. An introduction to negotiation author Cambridge University Press | Source: Cambridge University Press
#20. Negotiation author NIGP – The Institute for Public Procurement | Source: NIGP – The Institute for Public Procurement
#21. Negotiation skills: Keys to business excellence in the 21st century author Winnie T. Chebet, Jacob K. Rotich, Alice Kurgat | Source: Progressive Academic Publishing
#22. Communication in the process of negotiation author Ksenija Čulo, Vladimir Skendrović | Source: Hrčak
#23. The Art and Science of Negotiation author IMD – International Institute for Management Development | Source: IMD – International Institute for Management Development
#24. Eight Techniques for Favorable Negotiation Outcomes author Richard Uhing | Source: University of Nebraska Omaha
#25. Seven elements of effective negotiations author Jerome Slavik | Source: Harvard University

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